30 March 2022

Kindergarten teachers would like to welcome all our kindergarten students and families to AIC Dianella. We have been very busy settling in and making new friends. Early Childhood Education is paramount to setting strong foundations for lifelong learning in our students. We therefore strive to create strong and supportive relationships with all of our families and see teachers and parents as partners in supporting children through their learning journeys.

Term 1 is a time for students to learn about themselves and others. Learning about themselves is a fundamental part of early childhood development, especially as children start to ask questions about who they are and how they are the same or different from others. As children start to make friends, they learn how to think about others, noticing the thoughts and feelings of their peers. Their communication skills develop as well. We have been learning about:

  • Rules and routines
  • How to hold our pencils and crayons
  • How to cut and glue
  • How to spot and write our names
  • How to be a good listener
  • Listening to sounds in our environment
  • Rhyming
  • Families
  • Homes
  • Counting and numbers 0 to 10.

Below are some pictures captured during the term.