30 March 2022

Welcome to the 2022 school year at the Australian Islamic College Dianella.

We have been very busy in Pre-Primary settling in and making new friends. Thank you to all our students for doing their best to learn the new classroom routines and rules. The students have all settled very well into their learning environment which is more structured than they are used to in Kindergarten. Literacy, Numeracy, social and emotional development are the focus of our Pre-Primary programs.


This term the teachers enjoyed interacting with their students and asking them questions about themselves to create an autobiography for each student.

The students have been learning about “My Family” and where we live. We looked at photos of each other’s families and talked about who was in our family, how many people are in our family and what we like to do with our family. We created a family tree and we made a house.


We have been learning about the weather and different weather conditions. We learnt how rain is formed and how thunderstorms occur.