30 March 2022

It has been a very busy term in Year 1 at AIC Dianella this year! We have achieved so much already! We are getting to know each other, following class rules and settling in to new routines.

We have been learning about stopping the spread of germs and maintaining good hygiene at school. We have absolutely loved learning about number bonds and addition in Maths, and exploring the day and night sky in Science. We have really enjoyed learning about natural, managed and constructed features in HASS and exploring the past through old household objects and toys. 

Ring ring! Went the school bell…. We have been learning about sizzling starts in 7 Steps to Writing and using onomatopoeias to make our writing more interesting! We can’t wait to begin writing our own stories!

We also have done online learning to stay safe and away from germs! We loved learning from home and listening to our teacher’s lessons online.

Bring on Term 2!