30 March 2022

The Year 2s have had a wonderful start to the school year.


In English we have been learning to write reports. We have been investigating koalas, snakes, crocodiles, tigers and rhinos to name a few. The students have been learning to form paragraphs when writing and to include factual information. We have also been busy learning about dialogue. The students are now using speech marks when writing direct speech.


In Maths the students have been learning to use different strategies for mental addition and subtraction. These include, counting on, using a number line and split strategy. We have also been learning about the properties of 2D shapes. We have combined shapes and split images to find 2D shapes.


In HASS we have been discovering facts about our past. We have looked at famous landmarks such as Kings Park and the Fremantle Prison. We have researched significant people from our past also. These include Cathy Freeman and Steve Irwin.


In Science we have been investigating where water comes from. We have learnt about the water cycle and the process of how water comes to our home for us to use. The students have looked at natural and man-made resources and identified which are renewable and non-renewable.

We look forward to our holidays and wish everyone a safe and relaxing break.