30 March 2022

We started the new year and term with excitement, looking forward to all the new learning areas.


In Maths, we began term 1 by learning place value along with reading and writing numbers up to four digits. Through the term, we learned to recognise different notes and coins and how to add and subtract money. In addition, we learnt about fractions, namely, halves, quarters, thirds and eighths.


For writing, we have focussed on Persuasive Texts. We wrote on a fair few topics and the most popular one among the students was ‘Summer is the best season’. We had almost all the students agreeing with the topic as they couldn’t stop favouring the season for all the icy treats that they enjoy. We also assessed the writing abilities on the topic ‘Is it important for children to play outside?’


In Science, we have been learning about Earth and Space Sciences this term. We have learnt about what makes up the solar system as well as the universe in a snapshot. We learnt how shadows are created, along with why the moon changes shape. We also had 3 assessments in this area.


In HASS, we started the term with learning about the states and territories of Australia, we moved on to learn about the regional centres of Australia as well. Later during the term, we learnt about the popular natural features of Australia. We recently covered the topics on the first people to enter and live in Australia, highlighting the Mungo man and the Mungo Lady.           

The Year 3 teachers

Mrs Canal, Mrs Herbert, Mrs Laginha, Ms Sahudhullah