30 March 2022

We are proud of our wonderful students during these challenging times. They have shown resilience and determination in every aspect of their schooling and education masha’Allah.


In Math this term, we have been focusing on multiplication and division, solids, fractions and decimals, addition and subtraction, measurement and chance. During our math session, students are immersed in a variety of rich mathematical tasks that promote problem solving, reasoning and higher order thinking.


They Year 5’s have been working hard in improving their writing skills this term. They have acquired the essential skills to start developing further their written Narrative and Persuasive writing skills. Apart from their daily Literacy Block writing sessions, students have also been continuing to practice improving their written expressions and vocabulary building during the day.


In science, we have been exploring Earth’s place in the Solar System this term. They have learnt how each of the eight planets rotate and revolve at different speeds and along different pathways. They have especially enjoyed comparing the length of one day and year on different planets. This unit of work has left students curious and eager to learn more about the world beyond our planet.


This term in health, students have worked hard to develop important life skills and strategies. In particular, the year 5 cohort has discussed how to build confidence, persistence, and a growth mindset. Students are beginning to understand how these strategies can help them to achieve academic, emotional, and social success. 

Mrs. Safi (5A)

Miss Druitt (5B)

Mrs. Tookhi (5C)