1 April 2022

It has been a wonderful start to our year in kindergarten. The children have embraced the commencement of the kindergarten program, classroom routines and school rules and all appear ready to get involved and have a go at the new experiences on offer. The Kindergarten programs do not ‘follow’ a set curriculum, but do follow guidelines, principles and practices presented in the Early Years Learning Framework.

Kindergarten is the year where your child can actively learn through observation, engagement and participation in play, and the meaningful relationships they share with others. Children themselves play an integral part in their own learning. Through the interactions with others, the time to experience and the resources to discover, the children can begin to find a sense of self and what it is that motivates them to learn. It is our expectation for children to develop a sense of independence, resilience and maturity during the term.

The program is underpinned by an emergent approach which incorporates opportunities for spontaneous learning through engagement and play.

Learning through play and intentional teaching are two of the teaching and learning practices that form a part of our teaching pedagogy.

This provides opportunity for the children to develop a solid foundation for structured learning.

Our goal for term one will be developing the children’s sense of belonging and independence within the kindergarten environment. We aim to develop the children’s confidence in forming bonds with educators and new peers, and supporting the children by having fun, laughing with them, listening to them and nurturing them in their learning journeys.

Thanks to all our kindergarten families for being supportive and making the transitions easier during this term. Your continued support in assisting your child to be independent and completing set tasks at home, will allow your child to continue to grow and develop academically.

We look forward to sharing your child’s personal growth over the course of the kindergarten year, and watching their individual potential and personalities unfold. 

The kindergarten children participated in many interesting learning experiences and activities based on integrated themes (All About Me, My Name, My Family and Harmony Day).