1 April 2022

This year has kicked off to a great start. We are flying into Week 8.

In Our Classroom We Have Been Learning About:


For SCIENCE this term, students have been learning about the WATER CYCLE.  This week, students will be taking part to make their STEM project. Students will create their OWN Water Cycle in a cup. HOW EXCITING! Students will increase their understanding of evaporation and condensation whilst being able to observe if the water in the cup will evaporate. Over the next week, students will observe and analyse their cups, up close!


For ART this Term, we are focused on visual arts/drama. Students were required to create 3D optical illusion and abstract art. In order to create their art, students explored the elements of line and shape of optical illusions in simple animations by famous artist Wassily Kandinsky . Students were then given the opportunity to practice and draft an abstract masterpiece.


As part of the school’s educational programs to improve learning, students completed their ACER tests. Students undertook 2 tests in the learning areas of Reading and Maths on IPADS. The Australian Council for Educational Research creates and promotes research-based knowledge to improve learning. ACER’s research focus addresses learning across the life span, from the early years and school education.


On Friday 11th March 2022, Sr Aysha, Sr Nahaari, Sr Ghazal and Sr Aisyah B collaborated to initiate a clean-up project at our very own SCHOOL and at Hunt St Reserve. Students from years 2 and 4 took part in this great initiative to clean-up. The specified year levels gathered together at their own venues to kick start the clean-up. All students were required to wear their hats and bring along a pair of gloves (optional, otherwise provided). This was a great initiative to keep the environment litter free and sustainable.


We are continuing to work on building a positive classroom environment. We have been discussing and establishing rules and routines for our classroom. We are working to achieve our best in and out of our classroom.


This year, the Year 2 students have been praying in the MOSQUE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! All students have been trying their best to practice their prayers. Masha-Allah for their efforts!

Until next time, the Year 2 Teachers wish students all the best! Let’s make this year an amazing learning journey.