1 April 2022

The Leaders of Tomorrow are in our Classrooms Today

Assalammu Alaikum and welcome to Term 1. We are already in week 9 and we feel that this term has been a very eventful one.

When we first entered this class, we were a bit nervous and at the same time very happy to think we were the senior most of ‘Primary School.’ We have been trying our best to set the best example for our peers and be the ‘Leaders” of our school.

The first thing we did was to introduce ourselves to everybody. We did several activities to help our teachers and peers get to know us better including an ‘All About Me poster’ which described every one of us and it was made available for everyone to read by exhibiting on our classroom wall. Let’s peep into all that we have been doing since Day 1 …


At the beginning of every period we do an activity from Daily 10 Math. It is really helping us in our Math fluency with times tables, rounding, division, etc. We have covered numerous concepts in Maths this term including angle properties, order of operations, types of transformations and lots of work with fractions.


So far this term we have done quite a bit in art. The first thing we learnt was about the Seven Elements in art. We did not realise we could do so much in art. We also looked at the art style of the famous Picasso, utilising his techniques to draw our own self-portraits. Our final art piece has been focusing on Indigenous Art styles. We have been incorporating dot art into an artwork that is designed to tell a story inspired by the Aboriginal culture.


In English we have written recounts and narratives. We used the concepts we learnt about colloquial and literal speech, main clause and subordinate clause, importance of dialogue and how to reveal information about characters to make our writing more interesting.


In Hass we are learning a lot about politics- The Senate, the three levels of government – federal, state and local. We also learned about famous people (Fathers of Federation) who helped make Australia a federation and how much better it is after Australia becoming a Federation. We have begun to look at how migrants, Indigenous Australians and women were treated in the past and how Australia has changed since then.


Science this term is very interesting. We are learning all about earthquakes. The first activity we did was about the Earth’s crust – learning about the different layers of the Earth, and what they are made up of. We also have a great project ahead of us – to create a volcano and to see how volcanoes erupt. We are so fortunate that we have not experienced a volcanic eruption, an earthquake or even a tsunami which so many other people around the world have gone through.


In health we have learnt about the importance of keeping healthy. We also learned about what behaviors affect our social life, and the behaviors we should avoid. An important concept we covered were the signs of manipulation and how to avoid them. Being resilient is the key to everything and for this we need to learn how to bounce off.

In short, we have had a good start to year 6. We are sure we will continue to have lots of fun with lots of learning as that is our goal for year 6.

Students of Year 6