12 June 2022

Annual AIC Quran Recitation Contest 1443 A.H. (2022)

All praise is due to Allah who honoured us again with successfully conducting a recitation contest between the high school students at AIC Kewdale, testing their competence in preciseness of memorization and accuracy in articulation of the Honourable words of Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa). We had a good amount of interest shown by the students to showcase their talent and skill bestowed upon them by Allah to inspire and motivate themselves and others for His sake.

Students from all year groups had the option of registering themselves in either one of the five categories. The categories were as follows:

  • Year 7- Surah Al-Haaqqah (Full)
  • Year 8- Surah Qaaf (Full)
  • Year 9- Surah Al-Fath (Full)
  • Year 10- Surah Luqmaan (Full)
  • Year 11 & 12- Surah Maryam (Full)

As initiated in 2021, the students were also tested on the translation of selected verses from the above surahs as we aimed for students to develop an attachment with the meanings of the Quran through the translation. We also wanted students to understand that the Quran is not only for reading and memorization, but most importantly to understand, contemplate, be guided by it and implement it in our daily lives.

The preliminary rounds were conducted during weeks 3 to 5 in term 2 by Sheikh Safdar Parkar. From the pool of contestants, those who achieved the 5 highest scores from each category were chosen to compete in the finals.

The final for Years 8 to 10 was held on Thursday 9th June 2022 in the High School Mosque. The final for years 7 and 11/12 was held on Friday 10th June 2022 in the High School Gym. On Friday, we were blessed with three judges, Qari Abdullah Haffejee, Sh Muhammed Khaiata who has various Ijazaat from Jordan and elsewhere and is also pursuing a PHD in computer science, and Sr Zeinab Abdirahman who has various Ijazaat in the Hafs mode of recitation.

The event was kicked off by our esteemed Master of Ceremony, Sheikh Saleh Ibrahim, who welcomed the guests, parents, Executive principal, principal and deputy principal and continued to keep the audience engaged throughout the event with his wise comments and inspiring advices/quotes. We commenced by testing the finalists from Year 7 then finalists from the year 11/12 category. The final scores were calculated straight after the contest and the 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st places were then announced with the prizes awarded being a $15 gift voucher, $25 gift voucher, $50 gift voucher, $150 gift voucher and an Apple iPad respectively. Br Abdullah Khan advised the students and the audience about building love for the Quran and striving to be a part of and a contributor to the Quran.

Allah blessed the following students to have achieved 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st places in their respective categories:

Year 7

Name Rank
Ayman Shariff 5th
Wisaam Islamil 4th
Ukashah Parkar 3rd
Hafsah Firdous 2nd
Mahparah Taher 1st

Year 8

Name Rank
Arisha Alam 5th
Ibrahim Maruf 4th
Wiaam Ismail 3rd
Malak Omer 2nd
Muhammed Haticoglu 1st

Year 9

Name Rank
Rumaiswa Shariff 5th
Abdurrahman Parkar 4th
Ramla Abshir Mohamed 3rd
Md Ahnaaf Chowdhury 2nd
Hussein Qureshi 1st

Year 10

Name Rank
Wael Ismail 5th
Abdulmawla Al Mahameed 4th
Abeeha Kamran 3rd
Huda Gazi 2nd
Kamal Samir Ali 1st

Year 11/12

Name Rank
Abdullah Ali 5th
Muath Elzaharna 4th
Mahdi Mutashim Taher 3rd
Thaakir Parker 2nd
Haneen Ahmed 1st

May Allah Bless our students and us all to be from among those who are from the Khuddaam al- Quran (Servants of the Quran). May Allah reward the participants, judges, students, parents, school management, Sheikh Yusuf, Sr Manal, Islamic Studies teachers, and all others for their support and contribution to the service of the Quran. Ameen.