13 June 2022

PERTH: Congratulations to all the students who were nominated to be on the Student Council.

Student Leadership Oath Taking Ceremony was held at AIC Kewdale on 13 June 2022 where a new student leadership team, elected by students was sworn in.

The event was attended by special guest and AIC Alumni, Sr. Fatima Payman. She spoke to the students and shared her experiences of being in the student leadership at AIC and how it shaped her political career.

The following students have been selected by their classes to be representatives on the Student Council of 2022:

Head Boy: Adni Abdat

Head Girl: Sarah Saabi

Deputy Head Boy: Mohamed Essa

Deputy Head Girl: Hadja Jalloh

Student Council Names:

Year 7 Boys Year 7 Girls
Rida Alabbasi Sara Kushkaki
Abdullah Yacout Momina Khan
Ahmed Qureshi Nazeeha Khan
Wisaam Ismail
Year 8 Boys Year 8 Girls
Ammar Furqan Hafsah Hamidi
Anes Elkaseh Fatima Atra
Mohamud Mohamud Hibo Omar
Year 9 Boys Year 9 Girls
Layth Al-Obaidi Maida Mahamud
Abdul Gaffar Ramla Abshir Mohamed
Mohamed Mohamed Raha Anwar
Year 10 Boys Year 10 Girls
Abdulmawla Al Mahameed Ruba Ashami
Zakaria Naby Sehrish Roshan
Nikhat Sultana
Year 11 Boys Year 11 Girls
Zayd Rashid Rahma Abdelgadir
Tarek Hawchar Mariama Diallo
Year 12 Boys Year 12 Girls
Amir Hassan Habib Camelia Abdul Rahman
Farhan Islam Zahra Almajbool
Awabdi Mustafa Hamdi Ali

The Student Council is a committee of nominated students that represent the students of AIC Kewdale. They will be involved in organising fundraising, attending meetings, talking to their peers and to assist the facilitation of activities during field events. Members will be required to attend regular meetings to discuss events that may be approaching. They will be involved in some important decision-making processes across the school. Br. Shady and Sr. Rahat as Deans of Students will be coordinating the Student Council this year.