20 June 2022

We would like to take this opportunity to compliment the Kindergarten children on how well they have all settled back into class routines this semester. They have managed to retain and follow many new routines given to them very quickly. It has been an exciting start to this term with many different new learning experiences taking place in both the Kindergarten classrooms. The children will continue to build on the important skills they have developed.

We have also engaged with parents using Class Dojo and it has been an amazing platform not to only keep in touch, but to also share the child’s learning journeys with them. A big thankyou to all our Kindergarten parents who are actively involved and engaging using our class dojo platform.

We also have Sr Pat join the kindergarten A class as a volunteer for four days each week to support a small group of children. Kindergarten B had Sr Mallikah complete her Certificate 3 practical component for 7 weeks where she assisted the children in their learning.

The Whole Brain teaching and learning approach has worked well in class to establish routines and maintain positive behaviours. This teaching technique improves the children participation, engagement and concentration. Collaborative learning, learning through play and Intentional teaching are some of the teaching and learning practices that we use in class each day.

New and exciting adventures are happening in both Kindergarten classrooms. The children are provided with different learning opportunities to engage and allow for learning growth, exploration, investigation and discovery. This term we have included various Learning Centres within our classroom to allow for consolidation and of new concepts. Station Rotation is also taking place to allow for the different learning transitions.


  1. Small world play (dinosaurs, cars, animals)
  2. Science investigation table (colour mixing, exploration of insects)
  3. Art and Craft table (painting, colouring, drawing, picture making)
  4. Fine motor skills development activities (playdough, cutting, picture making, gluing)
  5. Literacy station (letter formation, initial sounds, word building)
  6. Numeracy station (number tracing, counting out, subitising, ordering and sequencing)
  7. Design and Tech (Hickory Dickory Dock Mobile, Humpy Dumpty construction)

In Kindergarten homework is sent based on the content that is being taught in the class and to reinforce concepts. We also set online digital homework tasks through Class Dogo and the students also regularly use Reading Eggs to support their literacy learning.