21 June 2022

Happy Eid Everyone!

To celebrate this wonderful event our class had a fantastic Eid party! We decorated our room and made Eid cards to send. To embrace the spirit of giving we exchanged ‘secret’ gifts to everyone in our class. Each gift cost no more than $20 but we still managed to receive some fantastic and thoughtful gifts. We had an awesome time unwrapping our gift and then tried to decide who our gift was from. It required some serious detective work and was so much fun!!

We also had a delicious Eid lunch, which included scrumptious samosas, curry puffs, pizza, spring rolls, cupcakes and lots of other tasty treats for us to enjoy.

We are really sad that Eid is over for another year, but let’s hope that next year Eid is even BIGGER and BETTER, Inshallah.

The Year 6 Leaver T-shirts

The year 6 leaver t-shirts have arrived and I’m sure you would agree that the students’ look very smart in their maroon and white. Well done to those students who purchased the t-shirt, we are sure you will wear it proudly and it will be a lasting memory of your final year of primary school.

Sport Captains

Well done to the sport capitals’ who were recently appointed from year 6. These students’ are fantastic role models and great sporting ambassadors for our school.

Red Captains – Salma and Sami

Yellow Captains – Tehreem and Samara

Green Captains – Abdullah and Ilyas

Blue Captains – Safiullah and Noor Kayda

Our Volcanoes

In science, the year 6 students learnt about earthquakes and volcanoes. They had a great time making their own volcanoes out of paper mache. Students’ had the opportunity to bring ingredients from home that they believed would cause the best ‘eruption’ of their volcano. This was extremely enjoyable to watch and we witnessed some fantastic explosions!