8 September 2022

Ruth Faulkner Library Excursion

The kindergarten students visited the “Ruth Faulkner Library” to participate in “Chewsday storytime” organised by Wright Street Dental in collaboration with the Belmont Library.

Students had the opportunity to meet the local dental health nurse from Wright Street Dental and explore the importance of dental health through story and song.

Students also explored the museum and were amazed to view things from the past and their functions.

National Pyjama Day

On the 22nd of July; was a perfect way to get cosy and comfortable by wearing our favourite pair of pyjamas to school while coming together to support a great cause and help spread awareness of the 48000 children in foster care.

We, kindergarteners, participated in this significant cause and celebrated Pyjama Day in our classroom with our friends and peers.
Students came dressed in their favourite pyjamas for the day; we discussed the day’s significance and got involved in activities around the theme.

Brownes Dairy Incursion

Farmer Damien from “Brownes Dairy” visited us with his cow Melinda and calf Gerrard.

Students watched a brief video detailing the entire farm-to-fridge process for students to get a hands-on experience of where dairy comes from. We like to call this “Moo to You”.

Students watch Farmer Damien milk Melinda where he explains more about the milking process and taking care of cows. Students and teachers got to milk Melinda towards the end of the tour.

A food scientist, and tour leader, taught students about food safety and quality. Students got to taste different flavoured yogurt, identify the flavour, and vote for their favourite flavour.

Build a story

The kindergarten student had the opportunity to build a story and be efficient authors using “Wordless Books”.

A wordless book is a book that tells a story purely through illustrations. Wordless picture books are valuable tools for literacy development as they engage children, regardless of reading level, in prediction, critical thinking, meaning making and storytelling.

We worked on one page at a time and wrote our own story based on what was happening in the picture.

It was a perfect tool for making predictions. Starting with the cover page, students had the opportunity to predict and make up their versions of the story. Then, based on the information from the pictures, students were allowed to confirm or change their predictions.

Our theme for this term is Dinosaurs

Students enjoyed learning about dinosaurs- making predictions about what killed them—enacting to be palaeontologists, building dinosaurs’ homes, and learning dinosaurs’ names and characteristics.

Here are some photos justifying the fun we had while learning all about Dinosaurs.

Volcano Science

Learning Objectives:

  • Did volcanoes make dinosaurs extinct?
  • Know the part that constitutes a volcano; •
  • Draw their observation of an erupting volcano and use describing words.

“Kindy C” students learnt about the four layers of our planet earth. To tie in with the term’s theme- dinosaurs, we experimented on “Volcanic Eruption.”

Students enjoyed watching an erupting volcano- The teacher listed the materials and ingredients to be used and explained how to create a model of an erupting volcano.

We learnt vocabulary in contexts such as molten rock, lava, magma, etc. The red stuff that comes out of a volcano is melted rock; after the melted rock comes out of the volcano, we call it lava, but it is called magma when it is inside the volcano.

Lava Lamp

This fascinating lava lamp science experiment is a great way to show students the science behind why oil and water don’t mix.

Since oil is not water-based, it doesn’t dissolve in water. In this experiment, as the frozen ice cubes melt, the water bead it creates is suspended in the oil.