12 September 2022

Vocational Education and Training (VET) department at the Australian Islamic College has been working with other Registered Training Organisations to make sure that our students have every available option for them when looking at a career after they leave the college.

Current students are on track to complete their courses and InshaAllah this will give them four (4) C grade equivalents towards their WACE graduation. Vocational Education and Training courses have also proved very beneficial not by just getting employment but also towards gaining entry into university where the VET courses they have completed has shown that our students have the required skills to gain entry into university.

Alhamdulillah most of the year 11 and 12 students have almost completed their courses and have been issued their certificates. Congratulations to them on completing their qualifications

The applications for North and South Metro TAFE have been submitted. We have 18 students that have applied for courses with them next year. InshaAllah all are accepted.

The Vocational Education and Training Sports and Recreation and Sports Coaching Certificate II students also completed their Senior First Aid certificates, which goes towards the course completion. Alhamdulillah the college has invested and trained two of our teachers to be qualified first aid trainers.

Course that are going to be offered next year 2022

Certificate II Workskills Development (Yrs 11 and 12)

This certificate allows students to gain a variety of skills and knowledge needed to undertake administrative roles in a business environment.

Certificate II Sports and Recreation (Yrs 11 and 12)

This course is a blend of hands-on theoretical learning about the Sport and Recreation industry and is a great entry level qualification for students

Certificate II Community Services (Yrs 11 and 12)

This certificate allows students to develop the skills and knowledge to undertake community services work such as providing support and assistance to a variety of clients including childcare, the elderly and the disability sector.

Certificate II Hospitality (Yrs 11 and 12)

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who have a defined and limited range of hospitality, operational skills, and basic industry knowledge. This qualification provides a pathway to work in various hospitality settings, such as restaurants, hotels, motels, catering operations, cafés, and coffee shops.

Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies (Yrs 11 and 12)

This Certificate II level program develops some of the most common and transferable skills and knowledge in order to prepare students for entry level positions in the ICT services industry. It can also lead to further study in general ICT pathways or in a particular IT specialization.

Certificate II Sports and Coaching

This qualification provides a pathway to work in entry-level assistant coaching roles, working or volunteering at community based sports clubs and organisations in the Australian sport industry. The course provides a defined and fundamental range of elementary coaching skills needed to engage participants in a specific sport, under the supervision of a senior coach.

On behalf of the VET Team

Tengku Shahrul Shah

VET Coordinator