12 September 2022

Assalam O Alaikum
Dear Parents and guardians,

We have had a marvellous term filled with a variety of enlightening experiences as we undertook experiments, investigations, and educational school events.


We begin our day with a productive 60-minute literacy block. Students explore and consolidate their learning as they take part in presenting their knowledge of literacy concepts during the literacy warm up. This is followed by sharp reading; students go on to develop their reading comprehension skills through sentence de-construction and explanation of varying texts. Students then delve into their spelling mastery as they develop their knowledge of morphographs. To finish off, students explore the topic of narrative writing as they construct imaginative texts which maintain their seven steps conventions.  


Our Numeracy journey begins with our daily warm up, students consolidate their mathematical understanding of known concepts as they complete a series of questions within a set period of time. Students have explored equivalent fractions, multiplication of decimals, division of numbers larger than 999, finding equivalent fractions, dividing decimals, and converting fractions to decimals. Students have also developed their abilities to deconstruction word problems through the use of their CUBES strategy, this enables them to comprehend complex mathematical problems through a series of acquired steps.


This term, students delved into the fungi kingdom and identified varying types of fungus and how particular fungi can be beneficial while others are sometimes harmful.  Students went on to investigate the influence of yeast on producing CO2 and made predictions on the effectiveness of yeast in combination with varying ingredients. Students also explored how fungi benefits us as they hypothesised on the effect of yeast in bread making and why it is useful, it was delicious!

Students explored how and why mold grows, along with its integral role in creating medicine to serve humanities health needs.


Our HASS experiences were heightened as we explored the continent of Asia. We delved into the 4 regions of Asia and how they vary in culture, linguistics, population, area, and religion.  Students researched a country within Asia and went on to orally present their projects to their peers. It was so interesting!

Visual Arts

Students explored one-point perspective art pieces, they identified the main concepts and themes presented within this style. Their knowledge was further enhanced as students went on to create their own one-point perspective art pieces.

National Science Week

For National Science week, students took part in a series of experiments. This began with the creation of elephant toothpaste, students watched on in bated breath to see the result as the thick foam of toothpaste shot into the air. This was then followed by the creation of slime; students followed a series of instructions in order to form a chemical reaction between two ingredients, resulting in slimy goodness.  

Book Week – Character Dress up Day

Students dreamt with their eyes open as their imaginations and interpretations of story characters were brought to life during book week. Worlds collided as students shared their favourite book titles and showed off their wonderful costumes. What a wonderful learning experience!