13 September 2022

National Science Week is an opportunity to reflect on the many works done by the various scientists across the globe.

In 2022, the world observes the UN-declared International Year of Glass.

Celebrating what the UN describes as one of the most important, versatile, and transformative materials of history. Glass will continue to have an enormous impact into our future, not only for its many applications, but also for the integral role it will play in sustainable development.

The AIC, Kewdale science team organised a display of different demonstrations to honour the works of these many scientists. Demonstrations and presentations in assembly as well as an exhibition set up on the new, Ibn Al-Haytham Science Block (Named after- Pioneering Scientist- Father of Modern Optics).

Students had the opportunity to enjoy a hands-on experience with the equipment and demonstrations.

Enjoy a few pictures below!

  • Student precipitation reactions.
  • Precipitation can be used in wastewater treatment to remove contaminants.
  • Unblocking blocked drains at home

Br. Frank Setting up a titration experiment.

Titrations, among other areas, are used in medicine to analyse purity of medicines.

Student performing a titration

The science team launched a rocket to kickstart science week celebrations.

Australia has launched a space plan from 2021-2030 which is aimed at advancing national interests and priorities in space.

Our students will have the opportunity to explore space as it has never been done before.

They say, “The sky is the limit!” Well, at this point, this is highly debatable…….

Year 7 Students, Ayman Shariff and Farid Ahmed making a presentation in assembly about the process of making glass and its uses.

We had the opportunity to make ice-cream using liquid nitrogen.

Liquid nitrogen allows for a superquick-freezing process, the spectacular, smoky effect produces and the soft textured ice cream.

This is because the ice crystals in the ice cream remain very small, due to the extremely low temperature of the liquid nitrogen.

Four senior school teams battled out over a science quiz.

Testing their general knowledge and understanding of various sciences areas. Great display of teamwork. Congratulations to the Physics Philosophers, for the outstanding win!

Sr. Pashtoon Waheedy , laboratory technician with the help of Haneen Ahmed (yr11) performing a hydrogen pop test.A balloon filled with hydrogen gas is ignited.it then makes a deafening pop sound, a test for hydrogen.

Science department members listening to a presentation in assembly