13 September 2022

Wow what a wonderful and busy Term 3 the Pre-Primaries have had so far.

This term we have been involved in lots of exciting events including, National Science Week, Book Week and we celebrate Eid al-Adha at the beginning of this term.

For National Science Week the Pre-Primary students attended an assembly in the gym where they got to experience a science experiment known as elephant toothpaste. It was very exciting to see. The children also explored their own science experiment within the classroom. As this year’s National Science Week theme was Glass, the children created stained glass windows. Made from crushed up candy and dough.

In Week 6 the Children celebrated Book Week and dressed up as their favourite book characters. There was a lot of superheroes and princesses to be seen, as well as some homemade creative costumes as well. All the children looked wonderful, and they were so excited to show off their costumes.

We have also been lucky enough to be involved in some incursions this term. They included Brownes Dairy Incursion. RAC Road safety Incursion and West Oz Wildlife Incursion.

At the Brownes Dairy Incursion the children learnt about From Moo to You, which involved how we get milk products from cows milk once they have been milked by the farmer. The children met one cow and her calf, and they were given the opportunity to pat the cow and milk the cow. The children also partook in a science experiment using their sense of taste to determine different flavours of yoghurt.

At the RAC Road Safety Incursion, the children discussed the concept of road safety and how to be safe crossing the road. The children learnt a special saying to remind them how to safely cross the road. The children were involved in some role playing of different vehicles and took turns demonstrating how they would cross the road safely.

When West Oz Wildlife incursion visited our school, the children met and learnt about some Australian animals. These animals included, a koala, two pythons, a shingle back lizard and a blue tongued lizard. All the children were able to get up-close with these animals by taking turns to touch and feel each animal and even hold some of them.

Term 3 has also been a very big term for academics in Pre-Primary as the children have been consolidating their knowledge of letters and sounds and applying their knowledge to some reading and writing learning.

The children have been exploring CVC words, Sight words and High Frequency Words by practising reading and writing them every week. We have been discussing and sharing with our peers some of the digraphs we have been learning this term, coming up with words that contain each digraph sound. We have been practising everyday and the children are getting more and more confident every week.

In Numeracy this term the children have been exploring measurement. The children have been discovering items short and long, short and tall, heavy and light. The children conducted an inquiry where they had to heft two items and discover which one was lighter and which one is heavier.

The children explored the concept of capacity, making predictions on how many cups each container would hold.

The children also built items that were tall and long, combining different ideas of measurement to gain a deeper understanding.

This term we have also been exploring in Science the topic Living things. The children have been learning about living and non-living things. We have been discussing what living things need to survive.

The children have been interacting with the world around them and getting to know more about the birds that come and visit us in our playground area. The children together researched these birds and are making projects out of modelling clay to make some birds and their nests.

The Pre-Primary Team want to wish all the Pre-Primaries a great rest of the term and keep up all the hard work for Term 4!