The AIC Difference

The Australian Islamic College is proud to offer an environment where each student can tap into their individual potential and attain academic excellence while integrating the principles of Islam into their everyday lives. Our teachers work hard to provide the highest Islamic moral guidance along with quality education. The idea is to prepare students for further education and equip them to contribute to society without compromising on their religious beliefs.

Education with an Islamic Perspective to Prosper in this Life and the Next

The Australian Islamic College strives to provide the highest Islamic moral guidance along with quality education to prepare students for further education and equip them to live in and enhance society without losing their cultural and spiritual identity.

Our goal is for our youth to aspire towards excellence in both character and education. We want our students to encounter new educational experiences that will serve their future aspirations whilst maintaining a balance between academic pursuits and Islamic values.


Teachers who are great human beings and have expertise in their subjects.


We have well-equipped libraries, computer labs, and science labs.

Communication with Parents/Guardians

We encourage open and honest conversations with parents and guardians.


  • Students in Years 7 to 10 study the Australian Curriculum across all learning areas.
  • AIC offers preliminary, general and ATAR WACE courses in Year 11 and 12 along with VET courses to cater for all levels of student ability.
  • AIC also provides religious education by providing Arabic language course, Islamic studies and Quran reading in Year 7-10 and Religion and Life in Year 11 and 12.
  • AIC ensures integration of Islamic Values across all Learning Areas. Values based education strengthens students’ self-esteem, commitment to personal fulfilment and helps students exercise ethical judgement and social responsibility.

Additional Learning Needs

We want our college to be a safe and inclusive place. A major part of it is including students with special learning needs. We have a number of professionals on board to make the learning process easy and fun for them. The team includes:

  • Psychologists

  • Speech pathologists

  • Visiting teachers supporting hearing impairment, vision impairment, physical and chronic health impairment.

After proper evaluation, we will decide whether a student is eligible for these services. If so, we shall contact parents to seek approval and further considerations. Information regarding the relevant referral process is available directly from the college.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Debating

  • Quran competition

  • Poetry/story completion

  • Swimming lessons

  • Karate lessons

  • Soccer training

  • Fundraising

  • Working with Homeless Connect

  • Student Council activities

Interschool Competition

Students at AIC have the opportunities to compete with students in AIC Thornlie and Dianella and also with other schools in WA.

  • Australian Schools Science, Maths, IT, HASS competitions

  • Quran reading

  • Soccer and Basketball matches

  • Debating

Building the bridges

AIC has been involved in attending and organising seminars/workshops with various faith-based schools to build relationships, create a culture of tolerance, and inculcate an appreciation of faith traditions beyond Islam.

Leadership and Peer Support Program

We motivate students to take part in the Student Representative Council and in programs within their local community. There are several leadership and peer support programs in schools for personal development. We train students to participate in Jumah Khutbah, assembly presentations, and in-schools and out of school presentations. Older students are assigned to support the newly enrolled students, honing their own skills, and allowing the juniors to benefit from their experiences.

Quality Pastoral Care

AIC focuses on positive behavior for learning, teaching, and counselling students.  We have a specific Behaviour Management Team that provides quality pastoral care to ensure that the emotional needs of the students are met.

Minimum School Fees and Charges

AIC charges a low amount as compared to independent and catholic schools. Parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns regarding school fees with the Business Manager/Principal. Where appropriate, parents will be able to make alternate arrangements to pay the fees. Our only request is to not ignore notice of payments and timely respond to us.

Interpreting and Translation Services

AIC provides access to interpreting and translating services free of charge. Parents of students from non-English speaking background may request interpreters for parent-teacher interviews.


AIC promotes active citizenship by teaching students about Australia and celebrating the following days:

  • Anzac day

  • Harmony day

  • Fundraising for Australia and beyond

  • Clean-up Day

Student Wellbeing and Counselling Services

We have appointed an Islamic Scholar to work with the Principal, Deputy Principals, Year Coordinators and provide support to students in the following areas:

  • Personal development

  • Self-esteem

  • Leadership

  • Safety

  • Anti harrasment and anti-bullying education

  • Resilliance

  • Emotional well being

  • Drug Education

  • Safe and ethical use of Social media


  • OLNA

  • WACE

Transition from AIC Thornlie, Dianella and Kewdale Primary ,Year 10 from Thornlie and Dianella to Year 11 in Kewdale High School

In an effort to familiarize Year 10 Thornlie and Dianella students with the Kewdale students and teachers, we arrange following events throughout the year:

  • Attending Kewdale Yr 10 Parent-student information sessions in Year 10

  • Attending Kewdale Career information session in Year 10

  • Attending parent information session on course selections in Year 10

  • Writing Year 10 Semester one and Two exams in Kewdale

  • Transition programs

Year 7 boys from Thornlie and Dianella to Year 8 in Kewdale High School

  • Interschool soccer tournament
  • Transition programs in term 4

Year 6 from Kewdale primary to Year 7 in Kewdale High School

At the Australian Islamic College, we want to protect the rights of each student. We want to ensure an environment wherein a student is free from all forms of bullying, including cyber, physical, and verbal. An important part of this is using social media and we expect our students to utilize it in a respectful manner. It must not be used to insult, share offensive or inappropriate content, or to misrepresent our institution or any member of it.
When using social media, students are expected to abide by the following rules:

  • Respect the rights and confidentiality of others

  • Do not impersonate or falsely represent another person
  • Do not bully, intimidate, abuse, harass or threaten others

  • Do not make defamatory comments

  • Do not use offensive or threatening language or resort to personal abuse towards each other or members of the AIC Community

  • Do not post content that is hateful, threatening, pornographic or incites violence against others

  • Do not harm the reputation and good standing of Australian Islamic College or those within its community

Bus services

We provide low-cost bus services to and from the schools.

Prayer facilities

Students participate in the Zuhr and Friday prayers at the school.


AIC Canteen provides quality food during recess and lunch for the whole school.