Welcome to our school website, the Australian Islamic College – Thornlie Campus

This website gives you information about our school – its ethos, curriculum, staff members, students, school policies, Parents & Friends Association, and school activities and events throughout the year.

Our school strives for academic excellence underpinned by strong moral values that gives our students an understanding of the purpose of their education. At our school, we have high expectations for our students. Our objective is to develop students’ skills that will enable them, as god-fearing people, to live successfully and as good citizens who contribute significantly to the betterment of society.

The staff at our school is highly professional and hard-working, ensuring the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Our teachers work with each other, sharing good practice through IRIS Connect Application. To ensure that our teachers continue to grow and develop, the school provides many opportunities throughout the year. In addition, the welfare of our students is a top priority. Our school delivers a curriculum which is in accordance with SCASA Guidelines. We create meaningful learning activities that are catered to all students and their abilities. Our teachers deliver lessons using school wide pedagogy “Explicit Direct Instructions” which focus on teacher clarity and High Impact Teaching Strategies.

ICT is integrated across the curriculum. We have a school library with a librarian who is very dedicated to encouraging and developing students’ love of reading to improve their literacy skills through the “Accelerated Reading” and “MyOn” Program. We have a Digital Technologies Lab with a specialist who is committed to teaching our students to develop 21st Century skills. All our classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, computers, laptops, and iPads. Moreover, there are varieties of online resources that further enhance the teaching and learning experience. Robotics such as Ozobot, Bluebot, Edison, and Sphero robots are also available. Our Physical Education specialist provides students with incursions and excursions that engage our students with a range of sport activities. One of the many factors that play a significant role in achieving educational goals is effective communication between students, teachers and parents.

We encourage a strong collaboration between school and home since teachers, school management, and parents, all, are interested in students’ success. We strongly recommend parents to use the ‘Parent Portal’ for easy access to their children’s progress report and information on other school activities and school- related matters. One of the most difficult decisions that parents must make is to select a school for their children. You secure your children’s future by selecting our school. Please visit our website to get information about our school. You are also welcome to visit our school directly to see what our school offers for your children’s education and their future. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries by making an appointment with the front office. Meeting and working together with you and your children would be our greatest pleasure.

Mrs Endah Hayes
Australian Islamic College, Thornlie Campus