Visual Arts Curriculum

The Visual Arts learning area provides students with opportunities to express their imagination, develop personal imagery, develop skills and engage in the making and presentation of artwork. They develop aesthetic understandings and a critical awareness that assists them to appreciate and make informed evaluations of art. Students transform and shape ideas to develop resolved artwork. They engage in art‐making processes in traditional, modern and contemporary art forms, such as sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and installations; which involve exploring, selecting and manipulating materials, techniques, processes and responses to life.

Students gain knowledge, understanding and appreciation of art and culture, both in Australian and international contexts. They analyse and evaluate their own works and the works of others from a range of historical and cultural viewpoints, and develop an appreciation of the role of art in the community and their daily lives. The Visual Arts learning area aims to enable students to make connections to relevant fields of study and to more generally prepare them for creative thinking and problem solving in future work and life. It aims to contribute to a sense of enjoyment, engagement and fulfilment in their everyday lives, as well as to promote an appreciation for the environment and ecological sustainability.

Content Covered

Art Making

· Explore drawing and visual language in directed tasks and activities

· Examine artists and artworks for inspiration; and explore techniques they use

· Test, experiment and explore specific media and techniques

· Explore a range of stimulus materials and drawing approaches

· Use visual language in the development of artwork

· Display and evaluate finished artwork

Art Interpretation

· Use critical analysis frameworks

· Explain and give reasons for personal opinions about artworks

Skills Outline

· Observational and interpretive drawing

· Effective use of the elements and principles

· Artistic research

· Artwork design and production

· Display of resolved artworks