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The Forrestdale College will be located within the South-Eastern suburbs, on an 8.7-hectare piece of land at 651 Nicholson Road, Forrestdale. Forrestdale is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located within the City of Armadale.

The campus, located in the heart of Forrestdale, would provide an excellent facility for the Muslim Community of Armadale since it is in close proximity to residential areas in Forrestdale and the surrounding districts, making it accessible and feasible for prospective students and their parents.


The campus will be built on a 6.5-acre property. AIC’s campus layout reveals plenty of facilities:

  • Separate buildings for Kindergarten, Pre-Primary, Primary, High School and Speciality
  • A State-of-the-Art Sports Complex

  • A full-length soccer pitch

  • A fully equipped gymnasium

  • A cutting-edge library

  • A mosque

  • A canteen

  • Ample parking for staff and visitors

Muslim Community in the Surrounding Area

A large number of Muslim residents of the area are thankful to the City of Armadale for the Development Approval of the Campus. The Forrestdale Campus will provide families with state-of-the-art schools closer to home which will significantly reduce the traveling time of students.

Proposed Schedule

Stage 1 construction is to commence at the start of 2022. Stage 1 will consist of Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and Primary year levels. Based on the expressions of interest received, Stage 1 will either only include junior primary classes (Kindergarten to Year 3) or may extend to include all primary year classes (Kindergarten to Year 6). There are plans already in place to expand from kindergarten to Year 12 at Henley Brook within the next few years.

Enrolments for the academic year 2023 are expected towards the end of 2022. The date is subject to successful school registration by the Department of Education. The College envisages stage 1 will ease enrolment pressure at its existing primary schools in Dianella, Thornlie, and Kewdale which are operating at full capacity with extensive waiting lists.

  • Stage 1 construction is to commence at the start of 2022.

  • Enrolment for the academic year 2023 is expected towards the end of 2022.*

*: Subject to successful school registration by the Department of Education

Expression of Interest

AIC will be seeking expressions of interest from prospective parents for primary enrolments for the start of the 2023 academic year sometime in 2022 subject to successful registration by the department of education WA.

News and Updates

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