Explicit Teaching

Our teachers deliver lessons according to the Direct Explicit Instruction Model. Based on research and rigorous data collection, we have adopted this for a systematic and effective way of teaching academic skills.

Learning Methodology

The Warm Up is an activity at the beginning of each lesson for key learning areas. In the Warm Up, students are engaged in practicing core or skills that are recently acquired. The objective of this exercise is to move learning from short-term to long-term memory. Warm Ups develop automaticity, ensures transference, and consolidate core concepts and skills. There are four phases which are mentioned below:

Change makers through Technology

To provide 21st Century education, Information and Technologies is integrated into all learning areas across the curriculum. Our school is equipped with a computer lab which has laptops, IPads as well as STEM resources, such as robotics, Lego and coding material. Each classroom is equipped with an Interactive White Board and many classrooms have the latest touch screen technology. Student work-books, such as Signpost Maths and Science Now have interactive components. Moreover, we use online and digital programs, including Accelerated Reader, Reading A-Z, MyOn, Mathletics, and ‘You Can Do It’ online resources.