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Eplicit Teaching

Our school-wide pedagogy is developed around the Direct Explicit Instruction Model. All teachers are required to deliver lessons according to this pedagogy.

Australian Islamic College is a learning community that is committed to achieving excellence. Our practices and decisions are based on informed research and accurate data collection. At Australian Islamic College, teaching and learning is developed around the Explicit Instruction model. Explicit Instruction is a structured, systematic, and effective methodology for teaching academic skills. A lesson consist of 5 key components.

Learning Methodology

The Warm Up is a purposeful learning activity at the beginning of each lesson for key learning areas. In the Warm Up, students are actively engaged in practising core or recently learned skills. The objective of Warm Ups is to move learning from short-term to long-term memory. Warm Ups develop automaticity, ensures transference and consolidate core concepts and skills.

In the I Do phase, the teacher clearly demonstrates the target skill and explains step by step the concept to be covered. We Do involves guided practice where the teacher checks for understanding, provide immediate feedback and support. In the You Do, students engage in independent practice with at their ability level. Finally, in the Plough Back phase, teachers review the skill or concept taught and check for understanding against the success criteria.

Change makers through Technology

To provide 21st Century education, Information and Technologies is integrated into all learning areas across the curriculum and this is reflected in the school programs (General Capabilities). Our school is equipped with a Computer Lab, laptops, Ipads and STEM resources such as robotics, Lego and coding resources. Every classroom is equipped with an Interactive White Board and many classrooms have been updated with the latest touch screen technology. Student work-books such as Signpost Maths and Science Now have interactive components. Online and digital programs are used, including Accelerated Reader, Reading A-Z, MyOn and Mathletics as well as ‘You Can Do It’ online resources. Students are given ample opportunities to have rich and meaningful learning experiences through a wide range of activities which involve the use of technologies (research, interactive mapping tools, designing and creating).

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