14 December 2021

Dear Community,

Congratulations on successfully completing another academic year.

Thank you for your active participation and positive contribution to the life of our college and community. We look forward to your support and cooperation in the coming year.

We have come a long way, and by the grace of Allah, our students have outdone themselves by achieving exceptional academic results whilst incorporating the Islamic moral and ethical values into their everyday learning experiences.

To all our NAPLAN students, a huge MashaAllah! Once again, you have displayed your exceptional skills and capabilities. The NAPLAN results this year were phenomenal. The sheer number of award recipients at our NAPLAN award ceremony made it impossible for us to accommodate any spectators. Special thanks to all staff, students, and parents for your tireless efforts in bringing about such success.

Book Week, Book Fair

Book Week is a magical celebration of reading. This year, we explored the theme of “Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds”. Our students and staff did not disappoint with their outfits that were inspired by their favourite books and characters. The highlight of Book Week was the Character Parade, where students were able to display their creative costumes. Competitions, storytelling, and a book fair was also organised in the library. At AIC, we continue to celebrate the power of reading and helping our students to foster a love of literature.

STEM + Resource Technology Showcase

Throughout the course of this year, students at Dianella have had a plethora of activities to stimulate their interest in STEM education. Each term, students collaborated in groups to design creative solutions for real-world problems. They also attended the Resource and Technology Showcase where they saw incredible robotics in action and immersed themselves in augmented reality. With future global employment predictions centred around STEM education, these exposures to STEM Education place our students in the leading role in tomorrow’s world. 

Eid Festival

The school was buzzing with excitement and students were beaming with smiles. Our 2021 Eid Parade was bigger and better than before. From camel rides to obstacle courses, from a petting zoo to jumping castles, our Eid Festival had it all. Our parents and students enjoyed the day tremendously. Our students were the backbone of the organising committee and used this opportunity to plan, organise and manage the event. They displayed maturity, character, and leadership. They were shining examples of excellence.

High School Clubs

Our High School clubs gave our students the opportunity to explore a range of interests and unlock passions they never knew they had.  Some of the clubs offered this term were Archery, Islamic Art, Card Making, Green School, Volleyball, Photography, Cooking and Conversational Mandarin. These activities were a productive break from the classroom and enabled students to discover their talents. With such a broad range of activities, there was truly something for everyone.

Parents and Friends

As for our Parents and Friends committee, congratulations on achievements with the “Containers for Change” initiative. We are now on our way to becoming a fully-fledged green school! Your engagement with our campus has resulted in our students becoming more vigilant when it comes to recycling products.

New Building

Exciting progress is taking place for our new building that is to be completed early 2022 InshaAllah. We look forward to keeping you updated and tuned for what is to come after the completion of the project.

Our focus at AIC Dianella is our students. We endeavour to provide remarkable teachings that will aid students not only in this life, but the hereafter as well.

In closing, I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a wonderful break and a safe return to campus for the beginning of an amazing 2022, Insha-Allah.


– Ustadh Wahaj Tarin


Dianella Campus