Newsletter – Term 4 – Dianella Campus

Principal’s Message

Dear Community,

Congratulations on successfully completing another academic year.

Thank you for your active participation and positive contribution to the life of our college and community. We look forward to your support and cooperation in the coming year.

We have come a long way, and by the grace of Allah, our students have outdone themselves by achieving exceptional academic results whilst incorporating the Islamic moral and ethical values into their everyday learning experiences.

To all our NAPLAN students, a huge MashaAllah! Once again, you have displayed your exceptional skills and capabilities. The NAPLAN results this year were phenomenal. The sheer number of award recipients at our NAPLAN award ceremony made it impossible for us to accommodate any spectators. Special thanks to all staff, students, and parents for your tireless efforts in bringing about such success.

Book Week, Book Fair

Book Week is a magical celebration of reading. This year, we explored the theme of “Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds”. Our students and staff did not disappoint with their outfits that were inspired by their favourite books and characters. The highlight of Book Week was the Character Parade, where students were able to display their creative costumes. Competitions, storytelling, and a book fair was also organised in the library. At AIC, we continue to celebrate the power of reading and helping our students to foster a love of literature.

STEM + Resource Technology Showcase

Throughout the course of this year, students at Dianella have had a plethora of activities to stimulate their interest in STEM education. Each term, students collaborated in groups to design creative solutions for real-world problems. They also attended the Resource and Technology Showcase where they saw incredible robotics in action and immersed themselves in augmented reality. With future global employment predictions centred around STEM education, these exposures to STEM Education place our students in the leading role in tomorrow’s world. 

Eid Festival

The school was buzzing with excitement and students were beaming with smiles. Our 2021 Eid Parade was bigger and better than before. From camel rides to obstacle courses, from a petting zoo to jumping castles, our Eid Festival had it all. Our parents and students enjoyed the day tremendously. Our students were the backbone of the organising committee and used this opportunity to plan, organise and manage the event. They displayed maturity, character, and leadership. They were shining examples of excellence.

High School Clubs

Our High School clubs gave our students the opportunity to explore a range of interests and unlock passions they never knew they had.  Some of the clubs offered this term were Archery, Islamic Art, Card Making, Green School, Volleyball, Photography, Cooking and Conversational Mandarin. These activities were a productive break from the classroom and enabled students to discover their talents. With such a broad range of activities, there was truly something for everyone.

Parents and Friends

As for our Parents and Friends committee, congratulations on achievements with the “Containers for Change” initiative. We are now on our way to becoming a fully-fledged green school! Your engagement with our campus has resulted in our students becoming more vigilant when it comes to recycling products.

New Building

Exciting progress is taking place for our new building that is to be completed early 2022 InshaAllah. We look forward to keeping you updated and tuned for what is to come after the completion of the project.

Our focus at AIC Dianella is our students. We endeavour to provide remarkable teachings that will aid students not only in this life, but the hereafter as well.

In closing, I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a wonderful break and a safe return to campus for the beginning of an amazing 2022, Insha-Allah.


– Ustadh Wahaj Tarin


Dianella Campus

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|


Kindergarten Superstars Dianella

Where has the year gone? It is so hard to believe that we are now moving through our final weeks of term 4, 2021. We have observed our students display determination, persistence, and diligence in their learning. They are curious about the world around them and delight in talking about it, as well as sharing information of interest to them. They have developed positive friendships with one another, and most times are caring, kind and empathic towards each other. We love seeing Islamic values shining through our students’ personalities and behaviours.

On the 15th and 16th September 2021, the Better Beginnings packs were delivered to our school by Rachel Tatarynowicz, from Dianella public library. She read story books to the students, explained how the library works and engaged them in songs and rhymes. The children enjoyed her visit and were especially excited about receiving their Better Beginnings packs at the end of the day. Better Beginnings is a state-wide program for kindergarten which aims to support and involve parents in their children’s early literacy learning by providing free books and reading packs to every Kindergarten child in Western Australia. It is an initiative of the State Library of Western Australia. The program is delivered through local libraries and funded by the State Government of Western Australia, Royalties for Regions, Western Australian Local Governments and Rio Tinto. There was no cost to our school for being involved in the program.

Early years research shows that reading to children is an important factor in school success and that early exposure to books and stories substantially contributes to success in early literacy. In developing Better Beginnings, the State Library of Western Australia recognises this early year’s research and best practice and focuses on working in partnership with families and communities to support children’s early literacy and learning.

A glimpse of our learning this term included an exploration of outer space. For our STEM project we made paper and straw rockets. Students explored how they could propel their rockets using their breath. The children were very excited to test their rockets.

As the end of the school year draws near, teachers and students have begun reflecting on the year that was. Kindergarten 2021 at Australian Islamic College Dianella has been a wonderful learning experience for all. Students have shown wonderful growth and development throughout the year. The kindergarten team would like to thank all the families for their help and support throughout the year. The partnership between teachers and families is invaluable for building the strong community we have at AIC Dianella. We are delighted to have taught our beautiful students and wish them happiness and success for the future. Keep shining Dianella Kindergarten Superstars!

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|


The Pre-Primary’s have had a very exciting term

In HASS we have been learning about Emergency Services and Community Helpers. These are the people who help us in our community, such as the police, fire brigade, doctors, farmers, librarians and dentists.

We learnt what to do and who to call in an emergency. We explored the different roles our community helpers have and who we need to go to if we need some help.

We were lucky to have Nurse Gemma visit us. She taught us what happens in a hospital and the different jobs people have there, such as doctors, nurses and surgeons. We got to practise using stethoscopes and bandaging patients, just like they do in a hospital.

In Science this term we learnt about Chemical Sciences. We explored what different materials look and feel like, and what happens when they come in contact with things such as magnets and water.

In Technologies, we explored coding using Bee-Bots. We devised a path and programmed our Bee-Bot to follow that path. It was quite tricky at first, but we got really good at it and it was lots of fun!

In STEM, we designed and created boats that were able to float on the water. We used our knowledge of materials to design and make a boat. We then tested our boat to see if it floated. After, we reflected on our creation and thought about how we would improve our design for next time.

We’ve had an amazing year together in Pre-Primary. We hope everyone has a fantastic break and comes back eager for another year of fun and learning!

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|

Year 1

Term 4 has been a wonderful term for Year Ones at AIC Dianella! We have worked so hard and are feeling sad as we come to the end of the year. We are preparing for Year Two with excitement and enthusiasm.

Let me convince you…. That the Year Ones are incredible persuasive writers! We have learnt all about using ‘convincing words’, ‘for’ and ‘against’, and how to convince readers with amazing reasons on many different topics.

Our biggest achievement in Maths this term is that we have learnt our 2s, 5s, and 10s times tables!! The teachers are so proud of all the students learning about multiplication so quickly.

This term, the Year Ones have absolutely loved learning about physical changes in science. We have learnt about states of matter and how we can change materials through bending, stretching, melting, freezing and squishing. We have loved exploring these changes with lots of fun experiments including chocolate, spaghetti and popcorn!

In HASS, we have been learning all about Indigenous culture and history. We have really enjoyed discovering Aboriginal tools, seasons, and special places. It makes us excited to learn more about Indigenous culture in Year Two and beyond.

Bring on Year Two!!!

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|

Year 2

We started the term with excitement, looking forward to all the new learning areas.

In Maths, we began term 4 by learning to represent division as grouping into equal sets and understanding that division is repeated subtraction and multiplication is repeated addition. Through the term, we learned how to create displays of data using lists, table and picture graphs and how to interpret them. In addition, we learnt about fractions, namely, halves, quarters, thirds and eighths. We also learnt the features of three-dimensional objects.

For writing, we have focussed on narrative texts. We wrote on a fair few topics and the most popular one among the students was ‘What a mess?’ We also were assessed on the topic ‘Through the doorway…’

In Science, we have been learning about Chemical Sciences this term. We have learnt about how different materials are chosen to make a variety of objects using their properties. As our assignment task, we designed a toy and explained why we chose different materials for different parts of the toy.

In HASS this term, we started the term with learning about how technology has changed our lives, especially at home and in transport. Later during the term, we learnt how we are connected to different places, how often we visit them and how we get to them.

As part of the health and fitness program, we also had an excursion to ‘Bouncers Sports’ in Joondalup to learn the rules and play cricket, hockey, soccer, netball and dodgeball.

– The Year 2 teachers

Mrs Canal, Mrs Herbert, Mrs Gould, Ms Sahudhullah

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|

Year 3

This term has been thrilling and rewarding for the Year 3’s.  We have been developing our social skills by working in teams during activities, and our focus has been to build positive relationships with each other both in the classroom and in the playground. In literature, we have been focusing on creating captivating stories and mesmerizing stories along with advancing our reading skill. The experiments we have carried out in mathematics and science have given the children hands on experience to build and develop their own understanding of the world we live in.


Our writing focus this term has been creating captivating stories full of suspense. The children have plunged themselves into reading and listening to different kinds of narrative and extending their love for books which in the long run will develop both writing and reading skills. The children were able to use a variety of prompts to create captivating stories with little to no assistance.


This terms mathematics program has given us the chance to further develop our times table skills, addition and subtractions to ten thousands. Our skills in reading calendars were also tested as had to use information on a calendar to answer challenging questions.  We then shifted our focus to measurement, and this is one of the topics the children really enjoyed as the children had to measure the weight of different objects, and this has been fascinating.


Science unit this term has been about chemistry. The children have been identifying and exploring the different states of matter and factors that influence or aid the changes from one state to another. We therefore made vanilla ice-cream using an ice-bath.  The children watched the transformation of liquid to solid they were so amazed. The second experiment covered the change of solid to liquid and the children were amazed by the transformation.


This term, our emphasis has been on citizenship. What makes you a good citizen? This was the question that sparked a long discussion, fully engaging the children in describing their thoughts and ideas of being a good citizen and what they can do in their classroom and community to become a good citizen. We also learnt about the symbols that represent Australia and our states and territories.

Having a closer look at the Western Australian Coat of arm, sparked a discussion about the Swan River in Perth, which the children are keen to explore more of.

The team behind the awesome participation of the Year 3 children are:

  • Mrs. Nafisa Ebrahim 3A
  • Ms.   Priscilla Sampson 3B
  • Miss Jessica Wallace 3C
December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|

Year 4

Assalamu Alaikum Parents/Guardians.

This Term we worked hard to prepare our students for year 5, so that they can be empowered with the tools and concepts they need moving forward insha’Allah.


They Year 4s have been working hard in improving their writing skills this term. They have acquired the essential skills to start developing further their written Narrative and Persuasive writing skills. Apart from their daily Literacy Block writing sessions, students were able to continue practising improving their written expressions and vocabulary building during the day.

One of the highlights of our literacy lessons this term was the Year 4s learning about the different form of poetry. The students wrote some outstanding haiku, cinquain, diamante, and acrostic poems throughout the semester.


In math this Term, the year 4s has applied their knowledge of Place Value to partition, rearrange and regroup numbers up to one million. In Chance and Probability, they conducted hands-on experiments where they were given the opportunity to select and trial authentic methods of data collection and constructed suitable data displays such as tables and bar graphs. They learned how to read and interpret data from tables, column graphs and picture graphs.  In Measurement and Geometry students applied problem solving strategies to calculate real world problems involving elapsed time and area.


The year 4 cohort have been exploring chemical sciences this term. They have learnt to describe materials, classify them as natural or synthetic and identify their properties. They have especially enjoyed partaking in science investigations to test the specific properties of everyday materials, such as the insulating property of cotton. Students were thoroughly engaged and enjoyed discussing their results with the class.

As we come to the end of another busy school year, I would like to wish all my students a happy, productive journey in Year 5.

It has been a joy to get to know them, share their stories and watch them  grow. I will be leaving the school at the end of 2021 and would like to thank the children and the parents for their love and support. It has been a pleasure to get to know you.  I wish everyone all the best for a safe and bright 2022, May Allah bless you all.

Year 4A: Mrs. Safi

Year 4B: Mrs. Carter

Year 4 C: Mrs. Tookhi

Year 4D: Miss Druitt

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|

Year 5

This term the students of Year 5 have been learning about the different states of matter in Science. Students have observed and conducted various investigations to identify whether a material is a solid, liquid or gas. Here the students are designing their own posters explaining the three different states of matter and their observable properties.

The students have also been demonstrating excellent mathematics and English skills. To enhance the students learning and creativity we decided to allow the students to develop their collaborative skills by working in groups to create gameboards. The gameboards are to incorporate either Math’s or English content. The results were amazing with very creative and abstract ideas. Students use these board games to challenge each other and also to improve their mental maths and spelling understanding. The students encountered problems which they had to resolve as a group making them more independent thinker who re future ready.

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|

Year 6


The Year 6 students were trained on persuasive writing skills using the ‘Seven steps of writing’. Students learn how to write convincing arguments almost every day of the week and that helped them build a sense of confidence with their writing. To prepare them for NAPLAN, they also had to practice typing their drafted work using Microsoft Words.


Students learnt a variety of topics which includes measurement, ratio, probability, coordinates and statistics. Since much of this term’s focus was on preparing them for graduation, we spent several lessons revisiting past topics such as fractions and decimals. In 6A, those who were interested or need remediation, Tutorial Thursdays was organized for them to clarify their doubts or misconceptions, especially for Math. Students spent half hour after school on every Thursday to develop a better understanding of a Math topic. This helps create clarity of what they never fully understood in prior terms.


For Science, we had spent much time completing last term’s STEM project. Thanks to Brother Zubair’s guidance and help, students had a fruitful time building a moving robot using recyclable materials!

HASS and Health

HASS and Health are times for students to develop real life skill or strategies. Students learned business and financial literacy during HASS. They also learned strategies to manage their emotions and how to deal with risky situations during Health.

Overall, the year 6s had spent much of this term learning and developing their character Islamically. They understood that the right decisions are harder to stick to and that to be consistently good is not an easy feat to maintain. Nonetheless, many had pulled through successfully. While we will miss the Year 6s and their quirky characters, we hope and wish that 2022 will bring a new era of learning for all of them as they embark on their journey into high school.

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|

UNO Club

Do you know about UNO?

It is a fun game about trying to get rid of all the cards in your hand before the other players. But there’s a catch! Certain cards can make other players draw more cards; you can even chain these cards with each other to make other players draw ludicrous amounts of cards. Some of our club members have the most dreadful recurring nightmares of drawing 4, 8, 16 and even a horrific 24 cards at one time!

But that doesn’t compare to the utmost destructive and forbidden card that lurks in the depths of some of the decks, a card so merciless that the very mention of it brings tears into the eyes of some of our boldest players. A card that has ruined the victory runs of so many of the players. A card with the power to make a five-minute game transform into a one-hour long fight for survival and domination. A card so feared, that it is has been banned at some of the tables – a response to the madness that is derived by those who have crossed paths with this card’s cruel and resentful power. The dreaded Wild Shuffle Card, which when activated brings forth calamity by merging all players cards into one pile then shuffling these cards, and finally evenly distributing the cards among all the players. That game winning hand comprised of only one Wild card you previously held. Gone. Your hand is now bloated with a blight of number cards. Your previously held wild card is gone, transferred to a different player, and your chances of winning, gone – equalised to be the same as that of every of other player at the table.

But this cosmic sense of impending doom and horror at the hands of such cruel cards does not frighten the brave members of the UNO club. Instead, they head face first into their matches, with a dedication to win and a good sense of humour whenever they are faced with the breathtaking and unspeakable raw might of these legendary cards.

If you are not afraid to face the eldritch horror that is the Wild Shuffle Card, nor the unforgiving chains of Draw cards; then we welcome you to join our club next year.

PS: We have chocolates and lollies :3 :3 :3

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|

Netball Club

Welcome to Netball! Our club has evolved since last term, with the introduction of a professional netballer training and inspiring our students to take their netball skills to the next level; Miss Tammy Mostamandi (aka Year 1C teacher).

Both Miss Mostamandi and I have had an amazing experience with the young ladies, who are keen, energetic, and always well prepared for the sessions. We even created a new drill that does not involve the netball at all! Very advanced if you ask me.


Since the start of the term, our students have shown excellent teamwork, and their passing, and shooting skills have improved immensely, Masha-Allah. They are self-motivated and quite happy to peer tutor during drills or modified games, without being asked to do so. A few students have even discussed joining netball clubs outside of school, as they have a genuine passion for the game.

It has been such great fun this term in Netball Club, but more so inspiring to see individual students thrive after just a few weeks of practise. We want to thank them for all their efforts and wish them the very best in their future netball endeavours!

– Miss T. Mostamandi and Mrs A. Jones

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|

Soccer Club

This term 16 boys have had the privilege to finish their school week playing soccer or otherwise known as football. We have had a read games focus this term with a game known to all players as ‘King of the Pitch’. The boys have enjoyed playing in different teams each week and with students from different year groups.

We have also had some skill challenges throughout the term that included a penalty shootout challenge. This challenge involved all 16 students taking a penalty against Mr Brandon and trying to score. Before the challenge, a punishment was decided on that either the boys had to do or Mr Brandon had to do. If the boys were able to score more than half of the 16 penalties, then Mr Brandon would have had to push ups and sit ups. After 16 penalty attempts, the scoreline read: Students who scored 0, Mr Brandon saves 16. After losing, the boys did their punishment before moving onto King of the Pitch.

With only a couple club lessons to go, the boys will be looking forward to enjoying them as much as possible before going on break.

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|

Basketball Club

In term 4, 20 students were given the opportunity to join the basketball club run by Mr. Bruce. There was a mixture of abilities between the 20 students as approximately half had completed the previous basketball club run in term 2.

The progression of many students has been remarkable from both term 2 and this term, as many went from not being able to make a layup/ scoring right close to the ring, to now being able to make lay ups and 3 pointers more consistently.

There are several students who stand out. Hisham Ismile, Abdullah Hussein, Saadi Khan and Zakaria Issak are some of the best scorers in our basketball club.

In defence, there are several students who harass and cause turn overs just out of sheer hard work or grab plenty of rebounds. The defensive specialists are Kendah Barrie, Ibrahim Hussein, Ibraheem Majeed and Salahuddin Mohamed to name a few.

That doesn’t mean those students who weren’t mentioned haven’t improved or stood out. Basketball is a team sport and requires confidence, leadership, teamwork, and resilience to name a few skills. Many students are good shooters (Yassin Adem, Omar Digeh), rebounders (Ibraheem Majeed), hustlers and keeping team morale high.

These are all crucial aspects required in a team as you can have scorers who are lazy and defenders who aren’t confident going forward in attack. Together, as a team, many students are honing their skills and are getting better every time they go out on the court.

Overall, I think this term’s basketball club has been a great success, Alhamdulillah, with many students interested in playing basketball in the future. I look forward to running more basketball clubs in 2022 Inshaa Allah, with the aim of taking their skills even further.

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|

Photography Club

Aspirant photographers were very eager to get outdoors this term to photograph the new blooms of Spring. New blooms, in all their glory, in every green space were photographed by our intrepid photographers.

Club members are currently honing their skills to form part of an elite group that will photograph the Year Six Graduation. They will eventually form part of a dedicated media team responsible for photographing all school events.

December 14th, 2021|Term 4 [Dianella]|
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