14 December 2021

We started the term with excitement, looking forward to all the new learning areas.

In Maths, we began term 4 by learning to represent division as grouping into equal sets and understanding that division is repeated subtraction and multiplication is repeated addition. Through the term, we learned how to create displays of data using lists, table and picture graphs and how to interpret them. In addition, we learnt about fractions, namely, halves, quarters, thirds and eighths. We also learnt the features of three-dimensional objects.

For writing, we have focussed on narrative texts. We wrote on a fair few topics and the most popular one among the students was ‘What a mess?’ We also were assessed on the topic ‘Through the doorway…’

In Science, we have been learning about Chemical Sciences this term. We have learnt about how different materials are chosen to make a variety of objects using their properties. As our assignment task, we designed a toy and explained why we chose different materials for different parts of the toy.

In HASS this term, we started the term with learning about how technology has changed our lives, especially at home and in transport. Later during the term, we learnt how we are connected to different places, how often we visit them and how we get to them.

As part of the health and fitness program, we also had an excursion to ‘Bouncers Sports’ in Joondalup to learn the rules and play cricket, hockey, soccer, netball and dodgeball.

– The Year 2 teachers

Mrs Canal, Mrs Herbert, Mrs Gould, Ms Sahudhullah