Term 4 [Dianella]

Photography Club


Aspirant photographers were very eager to get outdoors this term to photograph the new blooms of Spring. New blooms, in all their glory, in every green space were photographed by our intrepid photographers. Club members are currently honing their skills to form part of an elite group that will photograph the Year Six Graduation. They will eventually form part of a dedicated media team responsible for photographing all school events.

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Basketball Club


In term 4, 20 students were given the opportunity to join the basketball club run by Mr. Bruce. There was a mixture of abilities between the 20 students as approximately half had completed the previous basketball club run in term 2. The progression of many students has been remarkable from both term 2 and this term, as many went from not being able to make a layup/ scoring right close to the ring, to now being able to make lay ups and 3 pointers more consistently. There are several students who stand out. Hisham [...]

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Soccer Club


This term 16 boys have had the privilege to finish their school week playing soccer or otherwise known as football. We have had a read games focus this term with a game known to all players as 'King of the Pitch'. The boys have enjoyed playing in different teams each week and with students from different year groups. We have also had some skill challenges throughout the term that included a penalty shootout challenge. This challenge involved all 16 students taking a penalty against Mr Brandon and trying to score. Before the challenge, a punishment was decided on that either [...]

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Netball Club


Welcome to Netball! Our club has evolved since last term, with the introduction of a professional netballer training and inspiring our students to take their netball skills to the next level; Miss Tammy Mostamandi (aka Year 1C teacher).Both Miss Mostamandi and I have had an amazing experience with the young ladies, who are keen, energetic, and always well prepared for the sessions. We even created a new drill that does not involve the netball at all! Very advanced if you ask me.  Since the start of the term, our students have shown excellent teamwork, and their passing, [...]

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UNO Club


Do you know about UNO? It is a fun game about trying to get rid of all the cards in your hand before the other players. But there’s a catch! Certain cards can make other players draw more cards; you can even chain these cards with each other to make other players draw ludicrous amounts of cards. Some of our club members have the most dreadful recurring nightmares of drawing 4, 8, 16 and even a horrific 24 cards at one time! But that doesn’t compare to the utmost destructive and forbidden card that lurks in [...]

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Year 6


Literacy The Year 6 students were trained on persuasive writing skills using the ‘Seven steps of writing’. Students learn how to write convincing arguments almost every day of the week and that helped them build a sense of confidence with their writing. To prepare them for NAPLAN, they also had to practice typing their drafted work using Microsoft Words. Numeracy Students learnt a variety of topics which includes measurement, ratio, probability, coordinates and statistics. Since much of this term’s focus was on preparing them for graduation, we spent several lessons revisiting past topics such [...]

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Year 5


This term the students of Year 5 have been learning about the different states of matter in Science. Students have observed and conducted various investigations to identify whether a material is a solid, liquid or gas. Here the students are designing their own posters explaining the three different states of matter and their observable properties. The students have also been demonstrating excellent mathematics and English skills. To enhance the students learning and creativity we decided to allow the students to develop their collaborative skills by working in groups to create gameboards. The gameboards are to incorporate either Math’s or English [...]

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Year 4


Assalamu Alaikum Parents/Guardians. This Term we worked hard to prepare our students for year 5, so that they can be empowered with the tools and concepts they need moving forward insha’Allah. Literacy They Year 4s have been working hard in improving their writing skills this term. They have acquired the essential skills to start developing further their written Narrative and Persuasive writing skills. Apart from their daily Literacy Block writing sessions, students were able to continue practising improving their written expressions and vocabulary building during the day. One of the highlights of our literacy lessons this term was the Year [...]

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Year 3


This term has been thrilling and rewarding for the Year 3’s.  We have been developing our social skills by working in teams during activities, and our focus has been to build positive relationships with each other both in the classroom and in the playground. In literature, we have been focusing on creating captivating stories and mesmerizing stories along with advancing our reading skill. The experiments we have carried out in mathematics and science have given the children hands on experience to build and develop their own understanding of the world we live in. LITERACY Our writing focus this term has [...]

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Year 2


We started the term with excitement, looking forward to all the new learning areas.In Maths, we began term 4 by learning to represent division as grouping into equal sets and understanding that division is repeated subtraction and multiplication is repeated addition. Through the term, we learned how to create displays of data using lists, table and picture graphs and how to interpret them. In addition, we learnt about fractions, namely, halves, quarters, thirds and eighths. We also learnt the features of three-dimensional objects.For writing, we have focussed on narrative texts. We wrote on a fair few topics and the most popular one among [...]

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