14 December 2021

Welcome to Netball! Our club has evolved since last term, with the introduction of a professional netballer training and inspiring our students to take their netball skills to the next level; Miss Tammy Mostamandi (aka Year 1C teacher).

Both Miss Mostamandi and I have had an amazing experience with the young ladies, who are keen, energetic, and always well prepared for the sessions. We even created a new drill that does not involve the netball at all! Very advanced if you ask me.


Since the start of the term, our students have shown excellent teamwork, and their passing, and shooting skills have improved immensely, Masha-Allah. They are self-motivated and quite happy to peer tutor during drills or modified games, without being asked to do so. A few students have even discussed joining netball clubs outside of school, as they have a genuine passion for the game.

It has been such great fun this term in Netball Club, but more so inspiring to see individual students thrive after just a few weeks of practise. We want to thank them for all their efforts and wish them the very best in their future netball endeavours!

– Miss T. Mostamandi and Mrs A. Jones