14 December 2021

In term 4, 20 students were given the opportunity to join the basketball club run by Mr. Bruce. There was a mixture of abilities between the 20 students as approximately half had completed the previous basketball club run in term 2.

The progression of many students has been remarkable from both term 2 and this term, as many went from not being able to make a layup/ scoring right close to the ring, to now being able to make lay ups and 3 pointers more consistently.

There are several students who stand out. Hisham Ismile, Abdullah Hussein, Saadi Khan and Zakaria Issak are some of the best scorers in our basketball club.

In defence, there are several students who harass and cause turn overs just out of sheer hard work or grab plenty of rebounds. The defensive specialists are Kendah Barrie, Ibrahim Hussein, Ibraheem Majeed and Salahuddin Mohamed to name a few.

That doesn’t mean those students who weren’t mentioned haven’t improved or stood out. Basketball is a team sport and requires confidence, leadership, teamwork, and resilience to name a few skills. Many students are good shooters (Yassin Adem, Omar Digeh), rebounders (Ibraheem Majeed), hustlers and keeping team morale high.

These are all crucial aspects required in a team as you can have scorers who are lazy and defenders who aren’t confident going forward in attack. Together, as a team, many students are honing their skills and are getting better every time they go out on the court.

Overall, I think this term’s basketball club has been a great success, Alhamdulillah, with many students interested in playing basketball in the future. I look forward to running more basketball clubs in 2022 Inshaa Allah, with the aim of taking their skills even further.