14 December 2021

Do you know about UNO?

It is a fun game about trying to get rid of all the cards in your hand before the other players. But there’s a catch! Certain cards can make other players draw more cards; you can even chain these cards with each other to make other players draw ludicrous amounts of cards. Some of our club members have the most dreadful recurring nightmares of drawing 4, 8, 16 and even a horrific 24 cards at one time!

But that doesn’t compare to the utmost destructive and forbidden card that lurks in the depths of some of the decks, a card so merciless that the very mention of it brings tears into the eyes of some of our boldest players. A card that has ruined the victory runs of so many of the players. A card with the power to make a five-minute game transform into a one-hour long fight for survival and domination. A card so feared, that it is has been banned at some of the tables – a response to the madness that is derived by those who have crossed paths with this card’s cruel and resentful power. The dreaded Wild Shuffle Card, which when activated brings forth calamity by merging all players cards into one pile then shuffling these cards, and finally evenly distributing the cards among all the players. That game winning hand comprised of only one Wild card you previously held. Gone. Your hand is now bloated with a blight of number cards. Your previously held wild card is gone, transferred to a different player, and your chances of winning, gone – equalised to be the same as that of every of other player at the table.

But this cosmic sense of impending doom and horror at the hands of such cruel cards does not frighten the brave members of the UNO club. Instead, they head face first into their matches, with a dedication to win and a good sense of humour whenever they are faced with the breathtaking and unspeakable raw might of these legendary cards.

If you are not afraid to face the eldritch horror that is the Wild Shuffle Card, nor the unforgiving chains of Draw cards; then we welcome you to join our club next year.

PS: We have chocolates and lollies :3 :3 :3