14 December 2021

This term has been thrilling and rewarding for the Year 3’s.  We have been developing our social skills by working in teams during activities, and our focus has been to build positive relationships with each other both in the classroom and in the playground. In literature, we have been focusing on creating captivating stories and mesmerizing stories along with advancing our reading skill. The experiments we have carried out in mathematics and science have given the children hands on experience to build and develop their own understanding of the world we live in.


Our writing focus this term has been creating captivating stories full of suspense. The children have plunged themselves into reading and listening to different kinds of narrative and extending their love for books which in the long run will develop both writing and reading skills. The children were able to use a variety of prompts to create captivating stories with little to no assistance.


This terms mathematics program has given us the chance to further develop our times table skills, addition and subtractions to ten thousands. Our skills in reading calendars were also tested as had to use information on a calendar to answer challenging questions.  We then shifted our focus to measurement, and this is one of the topics the children really enjoyed as the children had to measure the weight of different objects, and this has been fascinating.


Science unit this term has been about chemistry. The children have been identifying and exploring the different states of matter and factors that influence or aid the changes from one state to another. We therefore made vanilla ice-cream using an ice-bath.  The children watched the transformation of liquid to solid they were so amazed. The second experiment covered the change of solid to liquid and the children were amazed by the transformation.


This term, our emphasis has been on citizenship. What makes you a good citizen? This was the question that sparked a long discussion, fully engaging the children in describing their thoughts and ideas of being a good citizen and what they can do in their classroom and community to become a good citizen. We also learnt about the symbols that represent Australia and our states and territories.

Having a closer look at the Western Australian Coat of arm, sparked a discussion about the Swan River in Perth, which the children are keen to explore more of.

The team behind the awesome participation of the Year 3 children are:

  • Mrs. Nafisa Ebrahim 3A
  • Ms.   Priscilla Sampson 3B
  • Miss Jessica Wallace 3C