14 December 2021


The Year 6 students were trained on persuasive writing skills using the ‘Seven steps of writing’. Students learn how to write convincing arguments almost every day of the week and that helped them build a sense of confidence with their writing. To prepare them for NAPLAN, they also had to practice typing their drafted work using Microsoft Words.


Students learnt a variety of topics which includes measurement, ratio, probability, coordinates and statistics. Since much of this term’s focus was on preparing them for graduation, we spent several lessons revisiting past topics such as fractions and decimals. In 6A, those who were interested or need remediation, Tutorial Thursdays was organized for them to clarify their doubts or misconceptions, especially for Math. Students spent half hour after school on every Thursday to develop a better understanding of a Math topic. This helps create clarity of what they never fully understood in prior terms.


For Science, we had spent much time completing last term’s STEM project. Thanks to Brother Zubair’s guidance and help, students had a fruitful time building a moving robot using recyclable materials!

HASS and Health

HASS and Health are times for students to develop real life skill or strategies. Students learned business and financial literacy during HASS. They also learned strategies to manage their emotions and how to deal with risky situations during Health.

Overall, the year 6s had spent much of this term learning and developing their character Islamically. They understood that the right decisions are harder to stick to and that to be consistently good is not an easy feat to maintain. Nonetheless, many had pulled through successfully. While we will miss the Year 6s and their quirky characters, we hope and wish that 2022 will bring a new era of learning for all of them as they embark on their journey into high school.