14 December 2021

Term 4 has been a wonderful term for Year Ones at AIC Dianella! We have worked so hard and are feeling sad as we come to the end of the year. We are preparing for Year Two with excitement and enthusiasm.

Let me convince you…. That the Year Ones are incredible persuasive writers! We have learnt all about using ‘convincing words’, ‘for’ and ‘against’, and how to convince readers with amazing reasons on many different topics.

Our biggest achievement in Maths this term is that we have learnt our 2s, 5s, and 10s times tables!! The teachers are so proud of all the students learning about multiplication so quickly.

This term, the Year Ones have absolutely loved learning about physical changes in science. We have learnt about states of matter and how we can change materials through bending, stretching, melting, freezing and squishing. We have loved exploring these changes with lots of fun experiments including chocolate, spaghetti and popcorn!

In HASS, we have been learning all about Indigenous culture and history. We have really enjoyed discovering Aboriginal tools, seasons, and special places. It makes us excited to learn more about Indigenous culture in Year Two and beyond.

Bring on Year Two!!!