14 December 2021


Parents and Guardians,

As Early Childhood Educators, we are committed to planning a stimulating and challenging play based program, which enables each child to visit and revisit experiences, practicing, refining and consolidating skills and knowledge.

Literacy and Numeracy

Our explicit instruction in Literacy and Numeracy form the foundation of our teaching and learning. The teaching and learning each day allows for children to be engaged and take ownership of their learning.  In Literacy, the focus has been developing phonological awareness and increasing alphabetic and letter–sound knowledge, Word building and Reading.  In Numeracy, we intentionally engage children in exploring mathematical ideas, relationships and language in planned learning experiences on a daily basis.

Many of the activities are theme based, sometimes these themes are planned in advance and other times they are influenced by the children. We provide constant adventure for exploration and wonder. We have introduced Investigations through the implementation of the Walker Learning approach.

Our Kindergarten teaching and learning strategies also include Whole Brain Learning, Positive behaviours, Learning through play and Station Rotation activity time. Each day the children enjoy a diverse range of play and real-life learning experiences that are set up in class which include, Art and Craft, Role Play, Shopping, Dress Up , Pet Shop, Vet Centre, Zoo, Wild Animals, Animal Farm and The Australian Outback.


This term, the students explored their ideas and extended their thinking in STEM by participating in Design and Technology projects linked to the class themes, projects and learning experiences.

National Science Week 2021 Theme
Food: Different by Design the kindergarten students made a healthy open faced animal sandwiches.

Book Week Theme

‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’ took place on the 26th August. The children came dressed according to the theme in costumes based on their book character. All the children looked amazing!

Thank you to all our wonderful Kindy parents who are in constant touch with us via class dojo and for your continued assistance with supporting your child to complete tasks for homework. We have one more term to go so we will continue to build on and improve the students’ academic growth and attitude, inshallah!

– Yours in Education,
Kindergarten Educators