Newsletter – Term 4 – Thornlie Campus

Principal’s Message

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuh,

I would like to welcome you all to the busiest term of the year, term 4. There have been a variety of events taking place this term ranging from excursions and incursions, sporting activities, graduations to the End of Year Awards. I thank all our teachers and staff members for their tremendous effort and hard work (along with the support from our respected parents and our amazing P&F) in helping our school achieve success in all aspect of school life this year.

Year 1A & Year 1B went to Scitech.
Pre-Primary classes went for a picnic to Mills Park, Beckenham.
Year 5 classes went to AQWA.
Pre-Primary A & C classes will be going to Tropical Twist on 14th December.
Year 6 classes will be going to the Lazer Blaze and Hoyuts Cinema on 16th December.

On 1st November, Pre-Primary classes had an incursion “Environmental Indigenous (Algae Busters) in conjunction with the Landcare Group.

Sport Carnival was held on 2nd November in the Langford Oval.

On 3rd November, medals and annual trophy were presented to the winners.

Kindy Orientation Day.
Pre-Primary Orientation Day.
Year 6 Orientation Day.

Annual Competition: Accelerated Reading and MyOn (Annual Trophy for each Competition will be announced in Week 10)
ICAS Competitions (Students who achieved Distinction and High Distinction received a trophy).


On Tuesday, 16th November, the Top Three Students in NAPLAN & Students with Distinction and High Distinction received a trophy.

Students who achieved Distinction and High Distinction in ICAS:

Digital Technologies:

Year 3: Aala Aleem – Distinction
Year 5: Ryan Mashadani – Distinction

Year 2: Shareen Shasmeen – Distinction
Year 2: Amber Mohamadhosen – Distinction
Year 6: Ahmed Qureshi – Distinction

Year 2: Amber Mohamadhosen – Distinction
Year 6: Ahmed Qureshi – High Distinction

Year 2: Khaleefah-Ramadhan Dauda – Distinction
Year 2: Amber Mohamadhosen – Distinction
Year 5: Ryan Mashadani – Distinction

Spelling Bee:
Year 3: Aala Aleem – Distinction
Year 5: Noor Kayda Abul Fayas – Distinction

Three students form each class (Years 1 – 5) who consistently displayed exemplary behaviour awarded with a trophy.

The Literacy and Numeracy Awards will be held on Wednesday, 8th December. Students who achieved in the top three in each class will be receiving a medal.

Quran & Islamic Studies Awards will be held in Week 10.

STEM Exhibition will be held in Week 10.

Year 1A and Year 1B teachers organised a “Morning Tea for Parents” this term.

Kindy Graduation Ceremony (2 groups).
Pre-Primary classes organised their graduation ceremony separately.
Year 6 Graduation Ceremony.

P&F Fundraising
Year 2 and Year 5 Fundraising
Year 6 Fundraising
Year 5A Fundraising for WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

Year 1 teachers organized Morning Tea for the parents.

Our Religion teachers are rostered to deliver a speech based on Islamic Values. This term the topic is “Speaking Good Words”.

Semester 2 reports will be available to view online in Week 10.

Parent – Teacher Meeting Term 4 has been scheduled in Week 10.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful P&F for their tireless effort and hard work in working along side the school. Last but not least, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to all parents for their wonderful support. Special thanks to those parent volunteers who have been helping the school with excursion and incursion supervision, Food Stalls and their generous donations. May Allah Swt reward them and their family abundantly.


– Mrs Endah Hayes


Thornlie Campus

Kindy A-B




  • SOSE

EYLF OUTCOMES: Children contribute and are connected to their world


  • Water
  • Under the sea
  • The Oceans
  • Sea creatures
  • How water moves
  • Things that float on water
  • The Water Cycle
  • Looking at water being a solid, liquid or gas.


  • Ocean Bottles
  • Aquarium
  • Sea creatures

SENSORY PLAY : Play stations were set up with the different under the sea props and loose parts for children to manipulate and to create the different under the sea environments.

  • The ocean – Sea play
  • The Beach theme play
  • Sea creatures fishing
  • Real life Sea horse aquarium
  • Create an under the sea world

ART & CRAFT: Children created through painting pasting, cutting and picture making their art and craft under the sea images

  • Paper plate ocean with foam sea creatures, fish stickers
  • Paper cupcake jelly fish, paper cup octopus
  • The Rainbow Fish colouring and collage activity

DESIGN & TECH STEM PROJECT UNDERWATER THEMES: The children worked in groups to create their under the sea designs, through planning and creating.

  • Diorama
    Tissue Box Aquarium
    A miniature model of a world under the sea with sea creatures
  • Ocean Bottles
    An ocean in a bottle


Viewing and listening to the stories: The Story of – The Rainbow Fish under the sea and the ocean picture books discussion session.


  • Counting sea creatures
  • Sorting sea creatures by size
  • Interactive counting under the sea games

Group Experiences: (Mat & Table Sessions)

  • Under the Sea floor puzzles
  • Sea creature snap game
  • Sea creature stencils
  • Felt board story board
  • Small sea creature puzzles
  • Picture making


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu

Subhanallah the final Term of this eventful and challenging year is well under way. This term has been a very busy and productive term where our students are now Alhumdulillah ready to tackle year 1 InShaAllah.


Spelling tests have been such a success this term, they have enjoyed the challenge of more difficult words and performed brilliantly throughout the testing sessions. They also really enjoy writing sessions, where they can showcase their abilities to write meaningful stories.


During Numeracy this Term, the students were challenged with ordinal numbers, positions and locations of items, time and graphing activities, just to name a few.

Many of these activities were a challenge to our students, but as the foundations were strong they were up for that challenge


This term our STEM project was to investigate things that float and sink. We discussed terms like buoyancy and the density of items. The challenge was to build a boat that floats. The students discussed, planned and designed a replica of their boats.


The PPA and PPC had the privilege of having the team from SERCUL (South East Regional Centre for Urban Land care) come out for an incursion. Presenting the topic ‘Algae Busters’  The children learnt about the damage algae does to the waterways and how what we do in our homes and everyday lives causes more algae to be produced. They learnt how to reduce the algae growth, along with how water gets into the waterways.

Pre-Primary B

Pre-Primary C

Year 1

Welcome to Term 4, the most busy term of the year. Masha-Allah the year has gone by very quickly and we could not have done this without the continued support of our parents!

Our Sports Carnival, which is one of our most exciting school events, was held on 2 November. All students’ practiced very hard and demonstrated true sportsmanship as they represented their team factions with pride on the day. Research indicates that increase in physical activities for children results in them performing better academically. It also tells us that having positive feelings in our hearts raises our self-esteem as individuals.

This year the Sports Carnival was spread out over two days due to the weather. On 02 November, the students participated in the running races and other races which were held at the Langford Oval and the next day they participated in the jumps and throws events, which was held on the school grounds.

The Year 1 team would like to say Jazak Allah to Sr Heba Ridha (our Physical Education Teacher) for organizing this successful event. We would also like to thank our P&F helpers who supported us on the day.

This term the Year 1 cohort organized a STEM excursion at Scitech for our students. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics which is commonly used in education. Science is all around us. Technology is constantly advancing and making inroads into every aspect of our lives. Engineering helps to design, plan and problem solve challenges. Mathematics like science is all around us and used in our daily functions. Through our daily actions, STEM encompasses all aspects of human life. This makes STEM education an integral part of the curriculum as it encourages innovation, creation and critical thinking, all of which is important for the future growth and sustainability of our country’s economy.

Students had a fantastic opportunity as they engaged and participated in hands on learning experiences on the day. Thank you again to all our parent volunteers who gave us their time and supported this excursion making it a huge success.

Last but not the least, Year 1B also hosted a very successful parent morning tea this term. Research shows that parent and family involvement in a child’s education is critical to the learning and development of the child. This was clearly visible in the interactions between parent, child and teacher. Insha Allah we hope to organise a parent afternoon for Year 1A as well. Watch this space!!

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support. We look forward to ending this term and year on another high note Insha Allah.

– The Year 1 Team

Year 2

Feels like only yesterday we were welcoming nervous year 2 students into our classrooms and suddenly we have reached the end of the year and we begin to say goodbye to our brave and brilliant year 2 students. Our students have worked extremely hard to prepare for year 3 and we can confidently say they are ready! Just look at what our year 2 students have achieved this term in STEM.

This term’s STEM project was integrated into our science program. This term’s focus was materials and their properties. Our year 2’s STEM objective was to design and build a paper bridge that could hold the weight of a toy car. To go about this let us take you through the design process and see what each step entailed. The design process involves ask, imagine, plan, create, improve, and share.

ASK: Students investigated different types of paper such as baking paper, wrapping paper, tracing paper and tissue paper. Students were instructed to ask which paper is the strongest. They gave their hypothesis then the children experimented with different types of paper to see which one was strongest. They did this by hanging 10g weights at the end of papers and seeing which paper could hold the most weight before tearing. The class kept a record of their results using tables then to make it easier to read and analyse they placed the data collected into graphs, enabling us to integrate some of our math skills garnered over the year.

IMAGINE: Based on the information collected through the paper investigation students were given the objective to design a bridge (constructed mostly of paper) that could hold a toy car. Students we instructed to think carefully about the paper they would choose based on its properties. The class then looked at examples of famous bridges (landmarks) in the world and what made them so strong. This allowed us to integrate our HASS knowledge and skills learned over the year. Students looked at beam bridges, truss bridges and suspension bridges. Students took notes on design and structure and imagined the type of bridge they would build.

PLAN: The class was then placed into groups where they brainstormed ideas and planned how to best build a bridge that could hold a toy car. They decided on materials they would use, planned their design then sketched and labeled their diagram (art integration)

CREATE: The following week students excitedly brought in their materials and worked together to construct their bridges. Once complete students tested their products. There was some success and of course some disappointments, but this is exactly where the learning takes place. Through failures flourish success, so long as you are persistent, a concept learned and practiced in our health lessons.

IMPROVE: Many challenges were faced and resolved such as finding the right materials, construction and working together as a team. These challenges affected results which showed the importance of teamwork and communication. Our students then learned to work together to improve their design through modifications before sharing their bridges with the class.

SHARE: Students enjoyed sharing their prototype with the class and learning from each other and now we are excited to share our bridges with YOU!

– Team Year 2

Year 3

Year 3B – Exciting Events

Learning is really exciting in year 3B.
It was cool to code with ‘Ozobot’. We did colour coding on paper, Coding with ‘OzoBlockly’ in laptops and using Ozobot apps in iPads as well.
We have learned how to do the dot paintings and the meaning of aboriginal art symbols and have created a story using the symbols with dot painting. It was amazing! Moreover we have used tessellation technic to create art. It was great!
After researching about an animal, students have created a 3D habitat of their animals using recyclable materials. They were awesome!
Browse our pictures … you will definitely feel the power of EXCITEMENT!!

– Rahnuma Nasrin
Teacher Year 3B

Year 4


SubhanAllah we are nearly at the finish line. It’s amazing how fast the year has passed but then again time flies when you’re having fun! The year 4’s have already learnt so much this year and have continued to do so in term 4.

At the end of term 3, we were fortunate enough to be able to go on an excursion to Fremantle Prison. The students went on a tour and saw some of the prison cells of convicts that we had previously learnt about in class. Students were able to have the opportunity to experience what it was like for the convicts many years ago and witness their contributions to society. It was great to be able to see the things we had learnt about in real life! We learnt so much and had an enjoyable day.

This term in HASS the year 4’s have been learning all about the 3 R’s of sustainability and what it means to live sustainably. By reducing, reusing and recycling we are able to prevent waste and conserve natural resources. After watching the documentary “Brave Blue World” we have found that if we don’t change our way of life, many people won’t have access to clean drinking water in the future. In saying that, there are also a lot of individuals trying to make a difference for their community by inventing new technology. Who knows, maybe one of our very own students will bring about change within our own community.

As part of the Science curriculum this term, students learnt about different types of materials and their properties. Using this knowledge, they were then required to design and construct their own patchwork bag for STEM. Students had to keep in mind the type of bag they planned on creating and its purpose and therefore find suitable materials. MashaAllah, the creations that the students came up with were just outstanding!

As the year comes to a close, we can’t help but feel bittersweet. We’re so proud of how far the year 4’s have come this year but are sad about having to let them go. We’ve made some great memories and hope that the students will cherish them. We wish them the best of luck as they go on to year 5 and continue to learn and grow as individuals.

JazakAllah Khair

– The Year 4 Teachers:
Mrs Abrahams, Miss Edwards and Sr Aisyah

Year 5

It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of Term 4, 2021. The Year 5 classes have been working very hard this year and have achieved some amazing outcomes. Students have been developing their personal identities, discovering their strengths and weaknesses, discussing their emotions and feelings, identifying their values and developing their decisions.

The Year 5 students displayed a great deal of enthusiasm when they were tasked with the challenge of designing and building their own form of model using Popsicle sticks. Their eagerness were very rewarding and inspiring. The amount of creativity and skill that has been displayed with the resulting creations, is very impressive. Please do take time to look through the photos of these stunning creations.

We would like to say thank you to all of the students for their hard work and commitment over the year, and to the parents for supporting and encouraging their child to do extra revision at assessment time. We are very proud of our students’ achievements and enthusiasm, and wish them the best in the next academic year.

Year 6

Sports Carnival
The year 6 students had a fantastic time at our recent sports carnival. We enjoyed participating and competing in the events. Our favorite events were the tug of war, star ball, and the relay race. Congratulations to the yellow faction who were the overall winners this year.
Graduation Time
The year 6 graduation is on Tuesday the 7th of December at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre. We are all extremely excited about this event, and are busily making our final preparations. We can hardly believe that our primary years are coming to an end. We have so many fond memories of our time at The Australian Islamic College Thornlie. We have made terrific friendships over the years, been supported by great teachers, and gained knowledge and skills that will equip us in high school. We are so excited to start the next chapter of our education and are really looking forward to next year!
Kewdale Orientation
Our year 6 students recently visited our Kewdale campus for their high school orientation. Students’ were provided with valuable information regarding expectations in high school. Students were given a tour around the school and left feeling extremely excited about year 7 next year.


Assalam O Alaikum

Dear parents and guardians,

As this year draws to an end, we would like to recognise the amazing progress of our students in Quran this year. We have really enjoyed watching our students improve in their reading and reciting Quran Masha Allah. We hope to build on this progress in the coming school year and we look forward to increasing the students’ knowledge of Quran. We wish you a blessed holiday and we look forward to seeing you next academic year Insha’Allah.

Physical Education

Term 4 Sports Carnival
On the 2nd of November, we held our Annual Primary School Sports Carnival at the Langford Athletics Oval. Thanks to our amazing helpers, Sister Nora, Brother Hajaz and Brother Yusef, our gazebos were up this year along with our new faction flags purchased kindly by our P&F ready for our students to compete.
Our students, teachers and parents all looked brilliant in their faction coloured tops and the chants for each faction were OUTSTANDING!! The FACTION CAPTAINS organised and inspired their team members to ensure every opportunity to gain valuable points was taken. The warm conditions were ideal for our day with our lovely P&F helping us to refuel with all the delicious foods they had prepared!
MashaAllah every student took part in a race and 3 station games which lead to the scores constantly changing throughout the day. Students participated enthusiastically in all their events. As we drew our events to a close and the scores were all added and finalized by Sister Delly, the winners were declared for this year to be the YELLOW team!! Many Congratulations to them!!
It was great to see our students engage so enthusiastically in all activities as part of a team! As our school sports motto goes: “TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK’’, it surely did work so well for our sports carnival this year!
-Ms Heba Ridha
(Primary School Sports Teacher)

Islamic Studies

Assalamu alaykum,

I pray this finds you in the best of Imaan and Health.
My name is Abdur Raheem and I have recently joined the AIC teaching staff as an Islamic Studies/ Quran teacher at the end of term 3.
Although my time with the children has been relatively short, the students within that short time have showed great progress and it has been a pleasure to meet and have the opportunity to teach all of our students.

In Pre Primary In this last Term we had revised a few core concepts in Islam. Namely the 6 articles of faith and the 5 pillars of Islam.
We had the students create their own flower of Imaan of which each petal signified a pillar in Islam. When a plant is watered and looked after it flourishes into a beautiful flower that people and other creation of Allah benefit from, In the same way when our Imaan is nourished and the roots of Iman are strong then one will be able to beautifully display the 5 pillars in one’s own life.

The 6 articles of faith which make up the core beliefs in Islam was a focal point for our students this Term. Students were able to recall the 6 articles and some detail about each. This was consolidated by an in class activity wherein the students made a 6 articles of faith Booklet.

Exploring the story of Prophet Nuh a.s was one of our final projects . The prophet Nuh a.s strove to call people to Allah. Ultimately only a few adhered to his warnings until Allah sent the flood that would leave only those who worshipped Allah on the face of the earth. Students were thrilled to try and recreate a replica of the ship of Nuh a.s to take home.

May Allah in his grace accept our efforts and the efforts of the students and grant them all a blessed future in this world and the next. Ameen

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