14 December 2021

Welcome to Term 4, the most busy term of the year. Masha-Allah the year has gone by very quickly and we could not have done this without the continued support of our parents!

Our Sports Carnival, which is one of our most exciting school events, was held on 2 November. All students’ practiced very hard and demonstrated true sportsmanship as they represented their team factions with pride on the day. Research indicates that increase in physical activities for children results in them performing better academically. It also tells us that having positive feelings in our hearts raises our self-esteem as individuals.

This year the Sports Carnival was spread out over two days due to the weather. On 02 November, the students participated in the running races and other races which were held at the Langford Oval and the next day they participated in the jumps and throws events, which was held on the school grounds.

The Year 1 team would like to say Jazak Allah to Sr Heba Ridha (our Physical Education Teacher) for organizing this successful event. We would also like to thank our P&F helpers who supported us on the day.

This term the Year 1 cohort organized a STEM excursion at Scitech for our students. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics which is commonly used in education. Science is all around us. Technology is constantly advancing and making inroads into every aspect of our lives. Engineering helps to design, plan and problem solve challenges. Mathematics like science is all around us and used in our daily functions. Through our daily actions, STEM encompasses all aspects of human life. This makes STEM education an integral part of the curriculum as it encourages innovation, creation and critical thinking, all of which is important for the future growth and sustainability of our country’s economy.

Students had a fantastic opportunity as they engaged and participated in hands on learning experiences on the day. Thank you again to all our parent volunteers who gave us their time and supported this excursion making it a huge success.

Last but not the least, Year 1B also hosted a very successful parent morning tea this term. Research shows that parent and family involvement in a child’s education is critical to the learning and development of the child. This was clearly visible in the interactions between parent, child and teacher. Insha Allah we hope to organise a parent afternoon for Year 1A as well. Watch this space!!

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support. We look forward to ending this term and year on another high note Insha Allah.

– The Year 1 Team