14 December 2021

Assalamualaikum Parents and Guardians,

Fundraising and Carnival Practice

We have been super busy this term fundraising for our 2021 sports carnival and held our ‘eco-friendly’ annual toy and book sale on Thursday 26th of August.

Thanks to all the kind donations of toys and books, the children at AIC Thornlie had a variety of things that they could purchase and enjoy. MashaAllah we managed to raise over $600 which will all go towards our medals and ribbons for our event this year.

A big thank you to our sports captains for their valuable help and contribution on the day and to Sister Delly, our wonderful cashier.

Due to the construction work that is going on at our Thornlie campus, this year we are training for the sprints at our local reserve.

The primary classes have been walking to Hunt Street Reserve and racing in preparation for our big event on Tuesday 2nd November inshaAllah.

– Heba Ridha
Sports Teacher