14 December 2021

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu,

What an eventful and fun filled term it has been. We have learnt so much and participated in so many activities. Whether it was program based or plan based activities.


We have commenced weekly spelling words which the students practice all week and are tested on at the end of the week. The students really look forward to Friday as they want to showcase their sounding out and writing skills when spelling the words out. It is wonderful to see the students’ confidence pick up as the term has progressed Ma-Sha-Allah.


We have introduced the students to subtraction, 3D shapes, sequencing of events and days of the week. Our math’s workbook is available online and this makes it so much easier to display the planned activity on the interactive whiteboard, so the children can be guided through the activity.

The learning intention for each lesson in each learning area is clearly outlined to the students. This gives a clear guideline of what is intended for the students to gain at the end of each lesson.


Alhumdulillah all three PP classes had the opportunity to visit Lollypop Play centre for a day filled with lots of running, climbing, jumping, and having a nice lunch with friends.

Book Week

Alhumdulillah the children had a day where they could dress up as their favourite character from a book. The theme for this year’s book week was ‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds’’. Ma-Sha-Allah to each one of the students who took part in the event and made it a memorable for everyone involved.

Science Week

Science was such a success. The National Science week for this year was ‘Food: Different by design’. Our Pre-primary chose to discus and design a salad bowl to go.

The students enjoyed choosing the vegies which they would like to include in their salad and were very hands on the making process Ma-Sha-Allah.


Some various art work children have displayed throughout the classroom.


The pre-primary classes went to the local park to do some planting buddying up with the year 5 class. They learnt about how plants help us and the wildlife, and why it is important to plant more plants to grow.

The children used tools to plant young plants and enjoyed seeing how to get the plant out of the pot using the trowel. There was an opportunity to look and listen in the environment and ask any questions they had.

Free Play

Children get to observe, create and learn the process of construction through free play. Building their own master piece takes alot of ingenuity and independence.

– Sumayah, Leslie and Paula
Pre-Primary Teachers