14 December 2021

Assalamualaikum Parents and Guardians,

Masha-Allah the year has gone by so fast! The Year 1 team has been very busy and hard at work making fabulous progress every-day!


For Science this term we are focusing on Living and Non-Living things.  Through class discussions and hands –on experiences children are learning about the characteristics that distinguish living and non-living things.  By observing video clips and still photos, children are engaged to think and develop their understanding about living and non-living things.

Keeping in line with this term’s Science programme, the teachers have further extended the children’s learning and understanding by getting them to build a habitat for an animal of their choice.  The children were very excited to work on this project. The teachers were also very excited to see how the students brought in their prior knowledge and creativity to life when working on this project.  Exciting!!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents for their active participation in this project, by supporting your child with their research and helping them gather the materials required to build the habitat.  When families work in partnership with the school, the success of our students is ensured.  We are in this together!


This term for Literacy we have been working on the Narrative genre. Narrative writing or story writing is a text that entertains the reader. The story has a setting (time and place), some characters (people, animals or objects to life) and a plot (problem and solution). Students have been learning to plan and implement the different elements of a narrative and present connected events in order, to tell a good story.  Through this process of story writing we have developed some great authors and fantastic illustrators here in Year 1. So watch this space!!

Thank you again to everyone for your ongoing support.  We look forward to another great term ahead Insha Allah.

– The Year 1 Team