14 December 2021

Assalamualaikum Parents and Guardians,

Subhan Allah, Alhamdullilah! What a great start to a new term. The time has gone by so fast and we are already in term 3. It has been a fantastic term for us right from day 1. The year 6’s are having lots of fun doing just not academic studies but also other fun activities. Let’s a take a quick look at all that we have been doing so far.

National Science Week

The school theme for National Science Week 2021 was Food: Different by Design. As it honours the United Nations International Year of Fruits and Vegetables and the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, we the year 6’s planned to make a healthy lunch. We got to make beef and vegetable burgers where we, the students were hands on and could help cook, while following a procedure. It tasted so you and not forgetting the fact that is was wholesome and healthy.


This term, we have been learning how to mix and blend colours on the colour wheel to create gradients and blends of colours. We also had a look at print making and the tools and techniques used in printmaking. We created a coloured gradient of shades and then we explored creating patterns with various lines and shapes and also using some stencils. We also did a range of art this term including symmetrical abstract paint designs.


HASS has been teaching us a very clear lesson which many of us forget quite often – GRATITUDE. We should be grateful for what we have instead of complaining about stuff that we want but don’t need. It has been really interesting to learn about these countries that are developed, developing or less developed, which makes us realize how lucky we are to live in this beautiful country. We did posters on the country we were allocated and also did an oral presentation on the countries landmarks, food, religions etc.


Science is fun. This term in science, we are learning about micro -organisms and the purpose of yeast in bread making. We started our lessons by observing the different types of bread and what the ingredients were in them, how they taste, smell and feel. We have gained immense knowledge through our lessons as we had quite a lot of hands on activities like experiments with yeast. It was quite interesting to see how mould grows when we did an experiment with bread. We also did this great experiment trying to find out what happens when yeast is mixed with sugar and water. We were very happy to see our predictions come true when the bottle with the water, sugar and yeast helped the balloon placed on it to fill up with air teaching us that yeast is activated by liquids such as water and milk and that it requires food, the right temperature and conditions to grow.


Health covers a lot of valuable information we need to know as growing children. Internet safety or staying safe on the internet is a very important topic for us youngsters. Resilience too plays a vital role in our lives and we need to learn to calm down and bounce back Significant changes are happening in our lives, we will soon be moving to High school, will have many more teachers and different classes, and changing friendship groups.  There might be situations where we will need to be resilient and these lessons help us build resilience.


Our skills in English are improving. We like learning the meanings of our list words so that we can put them into good sentences and improve our vocabulary. Our ACER vocabulary results have increased quite significantly because of this.


Last but not the least, Math. It is very challenging, but we are improving our mathematical knowledge every day. The fluency tests we do on Fridays, is improving our speed in doing sums and we are getting better and better at Problem Solving.

Physical Education

Physical Education is something we all look forward to in order to release all our stored up energy. We have been practicing for the upcoming sports carnival, by practicing our throws and long jumps.

Digital Technology

In IT, we have been learning about different platforms and what makes games enjoyable which will help us in future projects and game developments as we are moving in to a future that will not be able to exist without technology.

All in all, year 6 is challenging but we are enjoying the challenge as ‘The Sky is our Limit.’ We can say that we the year 6’s, have been working very hard to do our best and we are also really looking forward to our graduation at the end of the year. Insha Allah we pray our hard work will pay off.


COVID 19 had put a stop to many good things we usually do. One such thing is excursions. But because of our strict lock downs initiated by the Premier, we were able to enjoy our first excursion to the Parliament House and the Electoral Education Centre. We got to meet the MP Mr Chris Tallentire who came to welcome us. The tour guide then took us around in the immaculate Parliament House explaining everything in detail. Our Premier Mr Mark McGowan came and spoke to us. He said, ‘ Any one can become a member of the Parliament . You do not have to be the cleverest person.’We even got the chance to watch a bit of Parliament in action. At the EEC we learnt quite a lot on how elections were conducted and some of our students even got the chance to stand as candidates for the Mock elections. All in all it was a fantastic day out from normal routine.

– The Students of Year 6 2021