17 June 2022

OLNA RESULTS -Years 10 to 12

Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) results arrived in the school recently. Congratulations to those students who now achieved Category 3 and do not need to do additional OLNA tests. It is especially pleasing for those students who have worked really hard and have taken advantage of the support provided at home and at school. For those who still have one or more tests to do in August/September, additional support will continue to be available.

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 who are required to sit OLNA SECOND ROUND can use their user names and passwords to and do the Literacy & Numeracy tests on this site http://olna.com.au/

The school has already registered all those students on this site.

ICAS Letter sent to the parents

Maths Students At Work

Year 7 Students
Difference between the scaled model and actual product

“For our year 7 Advance programme class (AP) we enjoyed our kite investigation, where we used ratios to designs our kites and used our scaled drawings to make actual kites. This helped us to see the difference between the scaled model and actual product”.  – Ibrahim Syed

Year 8 Students:

“In my Advance programme (AP) year 8 maths class, we learned rubric cubes tricks and being an expert I was able to teach my friends the tricks I use” – Akifa Kamarul Bahrin

“For our year 8 investigation we learned about Thomas Heather wick’s rolling bridges. We use our knowledge of circles and polygons to work out the suitable rolling out bridges for the given scenario” –  Fajar Qureshi

Year 9 Students:

The Year 9 Girls Accelerated Mathematics Class is looking at ways to design a 3D model of a waterpark based on a blueprint. This is given as part of their assignment to extend their critical thinking skills.
The mathematics concept explored is based on linear relationships. On their blueprint, students have to position a range of waterpark theme-based attractions such as water slides, lazy river and whirlpool whilst also including the Information Centre, toddler play area, gift shop and toilets. Of course, students are encourage to include their own attractions and be as creative and practical as possible
Using the Cartesian plane, students consolidate their skills in linear relationships and get a better understanding of the concept of gradient, midpoint and distance between two points.

Seen in the photographs are students: Spogmai Fidaie, amla Abshir and Hina Fidaie

Year 8 Student:- Computer model of the rolling bridge

Year 8 students did an investigation and modelling on polygons and circles by doing a research activity on a special bridge designed by a famous British architect, Thomas Heatherwick.
Sabbirul Islam, a Year 8 student demonstrated to the class the computer model of the rolling bridge he created.