20 June 2022

الْسلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Dear Parents, Gaurdians and Community

If you are reading this article, you are one of the many readers who take a keen interest in what is happening at the Australian Islamic College and how the school is providing a high standard of Islamic, language and secular education to our new leaders, fathers and mothers of our future .

The Arabic Department at the Australian  Islamic College has a unique, diverse and professional group of  teachers who are striving to provide learning opportunities and exposure to  the Arabic language.

Our Head of Department, Dr Moayad, has instructed teachers to focus on Arabic instructional and communicative language. Great effort has been made to develop teaching strategies and activities to help students communicate and understand Arabic used at home and in society .

AIC is a multicultural learning institution that has students from multiple cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Teaching Arabic can be challenging in this environment. The Arabic teachers are doing a great job by providing basic Arabic literacy skills according to students’ levels of understanding.

The Arabic department fully understands that learning a new language is not easy. Our objective is to help our students become familiar, love and appreciate the Arabic language. Many of the teaching activities provided help students to have fun and enjoy learning the basics of the Arabic language. As parents and guardians, start a conversation with your children about what they have learnt in their Arabic class. Students are normally shy to speak another language.

New Arabic Books and Classroom Activities

Alhmadullilah, thanks to our visionary leader, Br Abdullah Khan, the AIC has its own Arabic language textbook series now. All students received their books term 1 and Alhmdullilah, they have learnt new vocabulary and expressions and have made noticeable progress, Masha Allah! Students have enjoyed a variety of activities in the Arabic classes and have worked very hard.  Well done to everyone!

The following pictures are presented for your viewing to get a glimpse of some of the interesting and creative activities students are engaged with to develop their Arabic literacy and communication skills.

USIT Young Translator of the year 2021 competition Award Ceremony

Last year, our students participated in the AUSIT Young Australian of the Year Competition. In December last year, the winning students and their families were invited to attend a ceremony that was held at UWA. They enjoyed listening to fantastic performances in different languages. It was a wonderful event!

Amazing colours and display of culture and diversity.

New Arabic teacher

The Arabic Department would like to welcome Sr Asma Efhiaelbum, the new Arabic teacher. Sr Asma is a dedicated and passionate teacher with many years of teaching Arabic in Libya, her country of origin. We wish Sr Asma all the best insha Allah.

The Arabic Language Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (ALTAWA)

Congratulations to Dr Moayad, the Head of Arabic Department, for being elected the Vice President of the Arabic Language Teachers Association (ALTAWA). The Arabic Language Teachers Association is a not-for-profit organisation which was founded in 2016 to promote the study and teaching of the Arabic language in Western Australia and to establish collaboration among teachers of Arabic and foster collegiality in all sectors of Education, including the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia (AISWA) and the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA).

Masha Allah what a fantastic team of dedicated Arabic teachers representing different educational institutions in WA. Collaboration, sharing views and ideas is vital to ensure progress and improvement of Arabic literacy skills in school across WA.

We, at the Australian Islamic College would like to assure you, the Arabic department at Australian Islamic College is fully committed and working hard to provide your sons and daughters with opportunities to learn to communicate, appreciate and  love the  Arabic language

Your ongoing support for your children and teachers at the Australian Islamic College will inshaAllah ensure the success and wellbeing of your children. 

We invite you to take your child to an Arabic restaurant and ask them to make orders and communicate your needs in Arabic. It would be fun and encouraging learning that speaking in another language you don’t t have to be perfect, as long as your message is understood. 

Year 9 students enjoying a role-play of being at a restaurant. It is amazing and motivating observing these students having fun while attempting to construct complete and sensible sentences in Arabic.

والسَّلامُ  عَلَيْكُم ورحمة الله وبركاته