20 June 2022

In Term 2, the HASS Department arranged a commemoration for Anzac Day which was held at Assembly. Year 11 students Yara and Noora Soliman made the presentation, in which they provided a brief history of the origins and story of the Anzacs and why they are so integral to the Australian identity. Yara composed a moving and beautifully written poem highlighting the tragedy of war and remembering the sacrifice made by all those who participate in wars all over the world, on both sides.



A way for people to come to an agreement once and for all

Soldiers have served and died in bloodshed wars to prevent any of Australia’s downfalls

War is a sacrifice

Where soldiers are on the battle fields their blood as cold as ice

Because you see, War always comes with a price

25th of April 1915

The day where hearts scream

The air filled with lifeless dreams

The plan

The plan to head out and capture the land

The land we now call Gallipoli the land the ANZACS failed miserably

At the end of 1915

Over 8,000 Australian soldiers were killed

As they risk their lives out of their own free will

So, les we celebrate this day

As courageous men fought their way

Although they have failed against their enemy

The Anzacs left the most powerful legacy

Discipline, courage, endurance and mate ship

Were the qualities that created the ANZAC script

As we embrace these qualities citizens of Australia

There will be no sign of any future failures

And so, you see

In memory of the soldiers that sacrificed their lives to be

We must never forget that freedom is never free

The death of the Anzac soldiers leaves a heartache no one can heal, and the love leaves a memory no one can steal

We shall remember them. All repeat. We shall remember them