20 June 2022

Asalaamu’alaykum Dear Community, 

Alhumdulilah the H.P.E. department has been involved in multiple interschool activities over the last four weeks. As always our students have worked hard and have represented our school in the best of manners with their amazing sportsmanship and akhlaq.  

With the addition of the new sporting academies, we have seen a major improvement in not only the students skill level but also their sense of belonging and camaraderie.  

During the state volleyball tournaments 2 of our teams had made it to the final rounds and represented our school very well. In the Live Lighter State Badminton tournament, we had one of our year 9 teams make it all the way to the grand final, in the final they played against a year 12 team in the open division and did very well coming out as runner ups. We are very proud of all our teams across all the academies.  

The basketball competition will be taking place at the end of term 2. The soccer academy Annual Futsal State Tournament has begun and will be completed at the end of week 9. We wish all our students the best.    

Thank you. 

Mohammed Khan