21 June 2022

Within writing this term, Year 2 students have been focusing on how to write a persuasive piece. We have spent a great deal of time looking at the structure of a persuasive text and the elements involved in writing one successfully. The children have learnt how to write the introduction using the “4-sentence”, structure. Although rhetorical questions have been a little challenging, one of the students when thinking about children playing team sports wrote “Don’t you know that teamwork makes the dreamwork?” we thought that was fabulous! By the end of this term the children will be able to demonstrate their success with writing a detailed persuasive text.

For math, term 2 started with subtraction without regrouping. We have learnt different techniques to help us with subtractions. We have learnt how to use the split strategy, jumping strategy, bar modelling and vertical subtraction. Some children prefer to use different strategies when subtracting. The second part of the term has focused on measurement. We have used both formal and informal units to measure and compare different items including our hands, feet, and arms.

Our focus in science this term has been forces. We have explored different objects that can be pushed and pulled by us. We have conducted a variety of experiments this term including, making a zip line for a teddy bear, changing the surface for a toy car to ride down, making different sized paper helicopters and our STEM project of catapults. The term has been very hands on and the children in year 2 have loved it!  

In HASS this term, we have had a geography focus. The children have demonstrated their understanding of Western Australia as a state, what we have within our state and how big our state is. We spent some weeks expanding our knowledge from the whole of Australia to the seven continents and oceans of Earth. The children have enjoyed learning about our country, and they have discovered places they want to visit with their families.