Newsletter – Term 2 – Dianella Campus

Executive Principal Message

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Dear Parent/Guardian and Community Members

Providing quality education, which is full of Islamic manners and values, is indeed a real challenge with current global pandemic. I ask Allah (SWT) to help us all accomplish the objectives we have set for AIC. I am sure that with the grace of Allah (SWT), parental support, and the help of the community we will Insha’Allah be able to face the challenges and will achieve our goals. I shall continue to work with you for the best interests of our beloved children and our community at large.

AIC has been working on swimming pool complex building project for more than two years, and I am now pleased to inform you all that the swimming pool complex at Kewdale Campus is ready for students for Term 3, 2022. We will update you of the start date for swimming classes for Term 3, 2022 and the swimming uniform purchases in collaboration with One World Uniform.

Australian Islamic College on behalf of Human Appeal, took part in fundraising campaigns this term to raise funds for Somalia and Yemen in Ramadan and have raised around $30,489.26. Thank you to all our staff, students and their parents and community who contributed to these very worthy causes. May Allah (SWT) reward you all abundantly.

Make sure you look for AIC on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms for regular updates on all that is happening in and around our campuses.

Jazak’Allah Khairan for entrusting your child to us. I can assure you, we are more than willing to do all that it takes to make sure our schools are outstanding institutions, where our students get both their souls and minds nurtured. Such a mission is not possible without your continued full support and cooperation, and I look forward to working together now and into the future.

We call upon Allah (SWT) the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, to continue to provide, protect and guide us all and I wish our staff and students a happy term break.

Kind Regards,

Abdullah Khan
Executive Principal

Principal’s Message

Dear Students, Parents and Community.

Assalamu Alaikum

It is a great privilege and honour to be a part of supporting young minds in their pursuit towards academic excellence. Excellence that entails both their social and emotional needs to become confident and resilient individuals that will be of benefit in this world.

Term 2 has come to an end, and I’d like to take this opportunity to run through the amazing work and progress we have achieved as a school. Firstly, the Eid Festival that was organised and run by our incredible high school students was a great success Alhamdulillah! Students were given the opportunity to celebrate and get together to mark the ending of the blessed month of Ramadan.

We also appreciate and acknowledge all NAPLAN students that have successfully completed their tests during the challenging times of COVID. We recognise your efforts and dedication and give all credits. Likewise, to our devoted staff, we cannot convey our gratitude enough to the way you go over and beyond to meet our students’ needs.  It is a pleasure working with such a committed team.

As for our Student Leadership Team, students were granted the opportunity to develop leadership skills on which to build a learning experience that will help them prosper throughout life Inshallah. With the support of our dedicated staff, we strived to meet the educational challenges faced by students through creating an environment that instils purpose whilst encouraging innovative ideas.

Great schools are a shared responsibility. Each member of our community is a learner, and each member is a teacher. We are fortunate at Dianella Campus to have a strong community and family involvement that ensures students are provided with higher standards of learning and are continually fostered with the best quality education.

We look forward to continuing the partnership with our devoted staff, families, and the broader community for our students to achieve the success we pursue. 

I invite prospective parents and students to visit our school and to take the opportunity to experience firsthand what makes AIC Dianella so special.

May Allah (swt) protect and bless you all.


Kindergarten Dianella students have had a busy Term Two. There was lots of excitement amongst the students in Week 2, about celebrating Eid ul Fitr. In week 5, on Friday the 27th of May, we had more excitement and fun at the school Eid festival. We started off with camel rides, and then moved on to the bouncy castles. Then we visited the animals at the petting zoo set up in Area B and finally got to ride in the bumper cars. The children loved the different jumping castles and spent lots of time enjoying the activities with their friends. It was also wonderful to see parents support the Eid festival.

In English, we are continuing to learn alphabet letter names and sounds. Thank you to all the parents who have been supporting their children with their learning; practice leads to growth! For math, we have been investigating numbers, shapes, patterns, and sorting. In integrated studies our focus is science, and we are investigating living and non-living things. Our students were very excited to plant bean seeds as part of our inquiry into living things.

What a wonderful term of learning and fun it has been. Keep shining Kindergarten Superstars!


The Pre-Primary’s have had a very busy term!

We celebrated Eid in Week 2 and created some beautiful artwork for the occasion. We later got to enjoy the Eid Festival and had an amazing day riding the camels, petting the animals, jumping on the bouncy castle, and riding the bumper cars with our friends. We ended the day by enjoying a sausage sizzle and watching a movie! We had so much fun together.

We have been hard at work in class! In science we have been learning about forces, such as push and pull. We have done some experimenting to test out which objects move by a push or pull force. We learnt if objects could move by sliding or rolling and tested it out by building a ramp and letting different objects go down it such as books, toy cars and water bottles.

In HASS we have learning about our place in the world. We learnt that the world is huge, and there are lots of important places in the world, such as our bedroom, home, community, city, and country. the children in our classes come from countries all over the world, and it was interesting to explore this and learnt about different places.

It has been a great term, and we are excited for the rest of the year! We hope everyone enjoys the holidays.

Year 1

The Year Ones have had a fantastic term of learning and laughter! We are so grateful to be back in our classrooms after our online learning experience last term.

We absolutely loved the Eid Festival this term! We ate lots of yummy food, rode camels, jumped on bouncy castles, rode bumper cars, and carefully patted some farm animals. We all behaved very well and looked out for our friends. It was an amazing day!

In math this term, we have been learning all about measurement. We have measured our feet, hands and legs with informal units of measurement and used scales in class to measure the mass of different classroom objects.

The Year Ones have been very busy with Writing this term! We started off the term with learning about reports. Every week we researched and wrote a report about a different animal. We absolutely loved learning about the features, habitats, diets and predators of different common animals. During Art each week, we made the animals to match our report. Then, we learnt about procedure writing! We followed procedures as a class to make popcorn, fairy bread, s’more pops and pancakes! It was so much fun to eat what we wrote about!

We can’t wait for Term 3!

Year 2

Within writing this term, Year 2 students have been focusing on how to write a persuasive piece. We have spent a great deal of time looking at the structure of a persuasive text and the elements involved in writing one successfully. The children have learnt how to write the introduction using the “4-sentence”, structure. Although rhetorical questions have been a little challenging, one of the students when thinking about children playing team sports wrote “Don’t you know that teamwork makes the dreamwork?” we thought that was fabulous! By the end of this term the children will be able to demonstrate their success with writing a detailed persuasive text.

For math, term 2 started with subtraction without regrouping. We have learnt different techniques to help us with subtractions. We have learnt how to use the split strategy, jumping strategy, bar modelling and vertical subtraction. Some children prefer to use different strategies when subtracting. The second part of the term has focused on measurement. We have used both formal and informal units to measure and compare different items including our hands, feet, and arms.

Our focus in science this term has been forces. We have explored different objects that can be pushed and pulled by us. We have conducted a variety of experiments this term including, making a zip line for a teddy bear, changing the surface for a toy car to ride down, making different sized paper helicopters and our STEM project of catapults. The term has been very hands on and the children in year 2 have loved it!  

In HASS this term, we have had a geography focus. The children have demonstrated their understanding of Western Australia as a state, what we have within our state and how big our state is. We spent some weeks expanding our knowledge from the whole of Australia to the seven continents and oceans of Earth. The children have enjoyed learning about our country, and they have discovered places they want to visit with their families.

Year 3

In math, we began the term by learning about the multiplication tables of 2, 3, 5 and 10; we learnt that numbers could be multiplied in any order to get the same answer. We have been on a journey which led us to find that scales can be used to measure masses, which can then be compared (with the right units – grams and kilograms). We also learnt to solve one and two-step problems involving mass.

For writing, we have reviewed narratives and persuasives. We wrote on a variety of topics, and it was a pleasure to have many of our students declaring that the ‘hero award’ should be awarded to their mums in their persuasive text on ‘Hero Award’. The students wrote many captivating stories, with suspense especially when they wrote their favourite narrative ‘In my new house’.

In science, we have been learning about heat in physical sciences this term. The students have learnt that heat can be produced in many ways and can move from one object to another. They have learnt to take the reading from a thermometer using the calibration. They also have become familiar with the terms, conduction, convection & radiation.

In HASS, we started the term with geography, understanding that Australia is an island in the Pacific Ocean along with many other island nations. These islands are Australia’s neighbours with similarities and differences. Students researched about their neighbouring countries, namely New Zealand and Papua New Guinea and compared the many ways they are similar and different to Australia. In history, students learnt to sequence key changes in early colonial Australia. They reviewed patterns of colonisation. Students also learnt to identify major changes in methods of transportation.

In design and technology, the students researched on many features that make a playground attractive. They proceeded to plan and design their playground using recycled materials.

Year 4

Maths has been exciting this term with the introduction of new concepts such as the area and perimeter of a figure and applying it in real-life situations such as floor covering, wallpaper and paint. We broadened our horizons with multiplication (4-digit by 1-digit numbers) and division (long division of 2- and 3-digit numbers by 1-digit number). We also investigated different methods of data collection and data display, evaluating the effectiveness of different data displays, and comparing them. Students found that it is easier and faster to read the bar graph compared to other types of graphs. Although some of the concepts have been challenging for the students, they were enthusiastic about learning new concepts.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed science this term. With hands on experiments on a weekly basis, the students were regularly interested in what they would investigate next. The focus area of our learning was on forces. A favourite among the experiments was making their own catapults to demonstrate the forces of push and pull, and how a direct force is needed in order for the object to move.

The students have also loved learning about the different elements of drama. They have watched some theatre productions such as Pinocchio and some live monologue performances by children their age. Having seen others, they got to perform a monologue of their choice which they were very excited to do. Some students went the extra mile to make props and even put on amazing accents during their performance. 

For HASS, our students have been highly engaged learning about how the rise of the Ottoman Empire, inspired the Age of European Exploration in the 1400 to 1600’s. The famous voyages of Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus, and others, were explored, and their impacts on the economic, political, and religious landscape of the world were discussed. Such a topic opened itself very easily to the analysis of Muslim influences in history, and students were afforded insights that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Year 5

The year 5 students have been working hard in improving their writing skills this term. They have acquired the essential skills to start developing further their written narrative and persuasive writing skills. Apart from their daily literacy block writing sessions, students continued practicing their written expressions and vocabulary building during our drama lessons where they have written and presented their own play script to the class.

In math this term, our students have been learning to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers; elapsed time – working out start and finish time involving 2 days, and chance and data. During our math sessions, students are immersed in a variety of rich mathematical tasks that promote problem solving, reasoning and higher order thinking.

In science, students have been exploring how light from a source forms shadows and can be absorbed, reflected, and refracted. These concepts were investigated through a peek-box experiment. Students quickly discovered that they would be unable to identify the object located in the enclosed box until a light source travelled to the object and then to the observer’s eye.

This term in health we have focused on understanding the difference between rights and power, character strengths and how to develop them, and the importance of exercise. Students particularly enjoyed identifying and sharing their strongest character traits.

Students have enjoyed learning about the government in HASS this term. They were able to make connections between Australia’s recent election and new understandings of the country’s three levelled, representative government and election system. Many students were surprised to learn the responsibilities that each level of government holds.

Year 6

This term, our students were taught to expand their persuasive writing skills using the ‘Seven Steps of Writing’. Students learnt how to apply their ‘Sizzling Starts’ into persuasive writing. The cohort spent the first half hour of almost every day of the week sharpening their writing skills by creating fantastic introductions and first arguments for their persuasive pieces. This term, there is a greater emphasis on developing the students’ editing skills,  which is fundamental to further excel in writing.

The students revelled in the process of their STEM project. They had to plan and create – with the correct measurements, a farm which contains a house, lawn, and various farm animals. After planning accurately, they then designed a miniature version of the farm before constructing it using recyclable materials. Concepts such as area, perimeter and ratio were tested here and of course, children can surprise us with their creative minds!

Our focus for science this term was on electricity. Students learnt about sources of energy which create electricity and delved deeper into the topic of switches (closed and open). They certainly enjoyed the experiments as they learn to discover how a switch works.

For HASS, students continued to learn about Australia’s governing system and history. For drama and health, students were required to create ‘Tableau’ (Freeze Pictures) on bullying. The students were very excited with the challenge, faced it head on and have given it their best shot.

Our focus for science this term was on electricity. Students learnt about sources of energy which create electricity and delved deeper into the topic of switches (closed and open). They certainly enjoyed the experiments as they learn to discover how a switch works.

For HASS, students continued to learn about Australia’s governing system and history. For drama and health, students were required to create ‘Tableau’ (Freeze Pictures) on bullying. The students were very excited with the challenge, faced it head on and have given it their best shot.

This term proved to be another very busy yet eventful term for us all. The quality of our assessments, resources and teaching has improved and we are on the right track to make sure that our Year 6 children receive the academic excellence they are entitled to when they embark their learning journey with AIC Dianella. Inshallah, better progress and higher achievements can be attained in the following terms ahead.

Candle Making Club

Students in candle making have been learning how to create a candle from scratch, using wax, dye and different fragrances. Before students make their candles, they watch videos to see how to make the candles and follow the steps as a group.

In the first half of the term, students could take their completed candle home. As the term progressed, students started making candles to raise funds for different charities, for example UNICEF and Muslim Women Support Centre of WA (MWSC). This has been a wonderful experience for students as they learn the valuable lesson of sharing with others.

The students in candle making thoroughly enjoy the process of making candles, and are learning wonderful life skills that they can use later in life. We look forward to the next few weeks of candle making and sharing candles with local charity organisations. 

Basketball Club

Back by popular demand, the basketball club continues to run at AIC Dianella during the last two periods on Fridays. We have a mixture of new and returning students with the latter being more than the former. There are currently students from year 7 and year 8 boys. The year 7 students have come with a lot of energy and chemistry, after playing together for over a year during recess and lunch play. They love the game and motivate each other to become better. The year 8 students make up for this with experience and by playing smart.

The club usually begins with some feedback and guidance by Mr. Bruce of what students need to work on and what they have done well. Captains are then asked to pick players one at a time. Teams are formed and then a warmup for the body and mind is held. The captains then fight it out to see who can hit a 3 pointer to determine the order the teams play in. We run a full court 5 on 5 without substitutions unless there are uneven number of players.

Week 7 was the first time a team has gone undefeated for the day, winning 7 matches without a loss. This was a team of year 8 boys who often play together. Their chemistry is nearly unmatched and they played the game fairly. They showed sportsmanship by telling the truth when the ball went out of bounds and gave an opponent some opportunities when the opponent’s team wasn’t as good as theirs.  There were times when they were down 2-0, but they ended up coming back to win 2-3. This shows courage and a never give up attitude to come back from the brinks of defeat. In the coming weeks a format change may be tested. This will allow quicker games hopefully, with a more intense focus on defence.

Basketball can be more than just a game. The hope is that whatever positive skills students learn during basketball, such as hard work, determination, persistence, they will be able to replicate these skills in other areas of their lives such as school or work Inshallah.  

Coding Club

This term, the coding club had taken a step away from Code Avengers. Having a new teacher and following on from some parent’s feedback, we had opted for a simpler and more familiar tool. Our goal for the term was to prepare and publish a “Scratch-based” animation, and the ideas ranged from a gas leak in our club, to the coding club saving a mother who was getting kid-napped on campus (wouldn’t that be mother-napped?).

The students had managed to create their own sprites, and were due to begin the animation, but some things just were not meant to be. Disruptions had resulted in students being split and the teacher assisting with other matters, leaving the club-project in limbo. With the term at an end, and unable to share our non-existing animation, the coding club students have opted to share their experience:

In the coding club this term we were educated about how to use scratch. Scratch is a coding app where beginners get used to coding and how coding works. For the few weeks that we have coded, we have discovered how to make a game, make characters and saw how other people made games. It was a fun few weeks but woefully, we had distractions, so we couldn’t learn more than what we have.

Masterchef Club

Greetings from the most delicious club in high school! Term two went extremely quick but the cooks in MasterChef managed to whip up some incredible dishes over the last few weeks. From sushi to oreo lasagne and mini cheesecakes in between, these culinary hopefuls battled through some tough recipes and worked in different team-based challenges to create tasty, attractive dishes.

Each week students gathered fresh ideas for potential dishes to prepare and participated in the club activities with heightened enthusiasm. They exuded creativity and originality as they completed various sweet and savoury dishes and learned some handy cooking tips along the way.

We look forward to more culinary brilliance from our students for the remainder of the year, with the hopes that the high school kitchen will be ready for use in the next few months, Inshallah! Until then, we shall keep calm and cook on!

Korean Languages Club

Hello everyone. We have been having an amazing time in the Korean Club, we have studied hard and learnt some basic phrases in the language. We have been learning how to say some basic phrases, such as Yes, no, hello and goodbye as well other simple sentences in Korean. We were able to try some very yummy Korean Snacks during our last club session which made for a very exciting end.

Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Team consists of student representatives from our school who aim to embrace and model all values and expectations of our school culture. It is an opportunity for students to grow and flourish in roles of responsibility and act as a point of liaison for the student body.

After a thorough application process, our high school cohort was given the opportunity to vote for their student representatives. The positions were awarded as follows:

  • School Captain/SRC President – Rokaya Al Shaibani Year 10
  • Vice School Captain/SRC Vice President – Fatima Al Modaffer Year 10
  • SRC Secretary – Daania Siddiqui Year 8
  • SRC Events Officer – Ifrah Abdullahi Year 10
  • SRC Events Officer – Lenah Hamid Year 8
  • Mamluks Captain – Raneem Ahmed Year 9
  • Mamluks Vice Captain – Abdullahi Abdirahman Year 7
  • Rashidun Captain – Narjes Rahimi Year 9
  • Rashidun Vice Captain – Zaynab Ali Year 9
  • Ottomans Captain – Zahraa Ramozi Year 9
  • Ottomans Vice Captain – Mariam Albustanjy Year 10
  • Qurtuba Captain – Rauba Ahmed Year 9
  • Qurtuba Vice Captain – Miski Hassan Year 10

We look forward to working with them this year. Congratulations to all.

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