21 June 2022

The Pre-Primary’s have had a very busy term!

We celebrated Eid in Week 2 and created some beautiful artwork for the occasion. We later got to enjoy the Eid Festival and had an amazing day riding the camels, petting the animals, jumping on the bouncy castle, and riding the bumper cars with our friends. We ended the day by enjoying a sausage sizzle and watching a movie! We had so much fun together.

We have been hard at work in class! In science we have been learning about forces, such as push and pull. We have done some experimenting to test out which objects move by a push or pull force. We learnt if objects could move by sliding or rolling and tested it out by building a ramp and letting different objects go down it such as books, toy cars and water bottles.

In HASS we have learning about our place in the world. We learnt that the world is huge, and there are lots of important places in the world, such as our bedroom, home, community, city, and country. the children in our classes come from countries all over the world, and it was interesting to explore this and learnt about different places.

It has been a great term, and we are excited for the rest of the year! We hope everyone enjoys the holidays.