21 June 2022

The Year Ones have had a fantastic term of learning and laughter! We are so grateful to be back in our classrooms after our online learning experience last term.

We absolutely loved the Eid Festival this term! We ate lots of yummy food, rode camels, jumped on bouncy castles, rode bumper cars, and carefully patted some farm animals. We all behaved very well and looked out for our friends. It was an amazing day!

In math this term, we have been learning all about measurement. We have measured our feet, hands and legs with informal units of measurement and used scales in class to measure the mass of different classroom objects.

The Year Ones have been very busy with Writing this term! We started off the term with learning about reports. Every week we researched and wrote a report about a different animal. We absolutely loved learning about the features, habitats, diets and predators of different common animals. During Art each week, we made the animals to match our report. Then, we learnt about procedure writing! We followed procedures as a class to make popcorn, fairy bread, s’more pops and pancakes! It was so much fun to eat what we wrote about!

We can’t wait for Term 3!