22 June 2022

This term, the coding club had taken a step away from Code Avengers. Having a new teacher and following on from some parent’s feedback, we had opted for a simpler and more familiar tool. Our goal for the term was to prepare and publish a “Scratch-based” animation, and the ideas ranged from a gas leak in our club, to the coding club saving a mother who was getting kid-napped on campus (wouldn’t that be mother-napped?).

The students had managed to create their own sprites, and were due to begin the animation, but some things just were not meant to be. Disruptions had resulted in students being split and the teacher assisting with other matters, leaving the club-project in limbo. With the term at an end, and unable to share our non-existing animation, the coding club students have opted to share their experience:

In the coding club this term we were educated about how to use scratch. Scratch is a coding app where beginners get used to coding and how coding works. For the few weeks that we have coded, we have discovered how to make a game, make characters and saw how other people made games. It was a fun few weeks but woefully, we had distractions, so we couldn’t learn more than what we have.